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Tacheng Administrative Area
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-June-26 12:27:14

The region is located in the northwest of Xinjiang. The Tacheng city-location of administrative agency is 637 kilometers from Urumqi. There are two cities and five counties under its administration; with a population of 844,000 (382,800 for ethnic minorities) the region has a cultivated land of 308,900 hectares and grain-sown area of 89,700 hectares and cash crops sown area of 186,300 hectares. It belongs to mesothermal continental arid and semi-arid climate.
The region has 107 small or big rivers, with a total run-off of 52.78 hundred million cubic meters and total exploitable underground water volume of 12.35 hundred million cubic meters. The famous produce resources include Yuming Fritillaria thun-bergli, wild almond, Basbay sheep, safflower oil, Usu beer, Usu milk powder, Tori granite and Tacheng flying goose. The natural reserve at provincial level covers the Gan Jiahu Sacsaoul Trees Nature Reserve and the Wild Almond Nature Reserve in Yuming County. The main animals are snow leopard, goose-throat gazelle, red deer, brown bear, Argali, lynx, white stork, black stork, golden vulture, swan, alpine snow cock, northern Xinjiang salamander. The main mineral resources include iron, chromium, gold, coal, limestone, lake salt, asbestos, bentonite and clay. The total forest area is 620,000 hectares, coverage of 4.82%, including wooded land of 62,000 hectares. The total pastureland area is 6,029,800 hectares, with available area of 85%. The main wild herbs are Fritillaria thun-bergli, Codonopsis pilosula, Cistanche salsa, licorice, Astragalus mongholicus, Chinese herbaceous peony and rheum officinal.

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