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Turpan Administrative Area
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The region is located in the east of Xinjiang and southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. Turpan city-location of the administration agency that is 182 kilometers away from Urumchi based on the highway mileage. Under its administration is one city and two counties, with a total population of 550,900 (424,700 for ethnic minorities) and natural growth rate of population 9.24%. It has tilled land of 39,500 hectares and total sown area of 50,400 hectares, of which sown grain area (re-sown area) of 27,000 hectares. It belongs to continental desert climate.
The region has the forest area of 70,000 hectares, pastureland area of 76.82 hectares. Its surface resources volume is 5.66 hundred million cubic meters and underground water resources volume of 7.06 hundred million cubic meters. The rare animals are snow cock, snow leopard, Mongolian gazelle, wild camel. The medicinal plants mainly are Angelica sinensis, Ephedra sinica, licorice, Saussurea involucrate, tattooing sugar, grape, sacsaoul. The main mineral resources are coal, oil, iron, natural gas, salt, gold and mirabilite, whose kentite and cubric niter in reserves top all others in China. The famous tourist attractions are the Ancient Jiaohe City, the Ancient Gaochang City, the Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Caves, the Sugong Tower, the Grape Valley, the Flaming Mountains, the Karez system and the Ancient Astana Tombs.

Turpan-Town of Grape at the Foot of the Flaming Mountains

Turpan city, called Gaochang, Xizhou and Huozhou (fire-land) in ancient times, is located in the middle of the Turpan basin in east Xinjiang, with average altitude of 32.8 meters and total area of 1.600,000 Sq. kilometers. The city is located 184 kilometers away from Urumchi, with a population of 244,500, of which Uygur takes up 73% and Han nationality 21% as well as other nationalities. Turpan city, one of open cities to the outside world in Xinjiang is queer in landscape, numerous in ancient remains and rich in mineral resources and native produces and also tops all in the hottest weather, lowest altitude, driest place and sweetest fruit.
Turpan has a long-standing history and numerous scenic spots and ancient remains. The Ancient City of Gaochang, the Ancient City of Jiaohe, the Astana Tombs, the Baziklik Thousand Buddha Caves and the Sugong Tower, all are under the state protection as key relics structures.
The Grape Valley, 15 kilometers away northeast from the city, is abundant in white seedless grape, Mare teat, Rose red grapes and preserved grapes as well as wines, thus being acclaimed as the sweetest place.
In Turpan, one can also visit the Karez system and Wu Daoling, near which there are two sand dunes, location of sand therapy stations. In June and August every year, patients who suffer from arthritis and skin diseases from all parts of Xinjiang and some even from inner-land provinces put up small tents on the scorching hot sand dunes to cure their diseases with sand buried above, with exceptional curing effect, whose curing method and scene are particular in China.
In addition, The Adingkol Lake, 60 kilometers away south of the city, is the second lowest place, being 154.43 meters below sea level.
Nowadays, the commercial rate of grape in Turpan takes up over 90%. The output of white seedless grape also accounts for over 90% of its kind in Xinjiang. The preserved grape, grape wine and tinned grape are sold at home and abroad, enjoying good reputation worldwide. The Silk road & China??Turpan Grape Festival held in August every year centers on trade and economic talks, integrates culture, tour and internal and external trade, thus attracting more and more foreign and Chinese guests. The town of grape is moving forward with its brand-new appearance.

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