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Hami Administrative Area
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-June-26 12:27:14

The region is located in the east of Xinjiang. The location of administrative agency is 595 kilometers away based on highway mileage from Urumqi and 574 kilometers based on railway mileage from Urumqi. Under its administration are one city and two counties, with a population of 496,700 (159,600 for ethnic minorities). The total sown area is 49,200 hectares, the grain sown area is 18,300 hectares and cotton sown area 5,800 hectares, melons sown area 2,300 hectares and fruit area 4,300 hectares. It belongs to typical continental climate.

Hami region is rich in Hami melon, water- melon, grape and red jujube. In 1999, the wooded area amounted up to 209,400 hectares, total available pastureland 3,346,000 hectares and available water resources 16.95 hundred million cubic meters. Rare wile animals are wild camels, red deer, snow leopard and Mongolian gazelle and wild medicinal plants are licorice, Ephedra sinica, Condonopsis pilosula, Bupleurum and Saussurea involucrate. The proven mineral resources have amounted up to 76, of which coal, iron, copper, nickel, gold, leopoldite, coin material, mirabilite and yellow humic acid are superior resources. The proven deposit of coal is 800 hundred million tons and deposit of yellow humic acid is 3.7 hundred million tons.  The deposit of iron ore has reached 2.78 hundred million tons, magnetic iron ore has been identified to be a rich mine rare in China and the deposit of copper and nickel is 1,460,000 tons (metal tons).

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