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Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture
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Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture is located in the northwest of Xinjiang, whose capital (Yining city) is 702 kilometers from Urumqi in highway mileage. Under its jurisdiction are three regions of Ili, Tacheng and Altay; 24 counties, with a total population of 3,891,500 (2,154,800 for ethnic minorities) and tilled land of 720,800 hectares, farm crops sown area of 307,600 hectares, cash crops sown area of 250,100 hectares). The place belongs to temperate continental arid climate.
The prefecture is teemed with high mountains, rivers and dense forest, with intermountain plains and river valleys scattered around, having a typical feature of oasis. In its territory, there are large stretches of wild apple woods, wild almond woods, wild walnut woods, wild rose woods, 12 natural reserves at provincial level numerous natural landscapes and remains of cultural relic. It is a resort for holiday and tour. The prefecture is rich in animal resources, mineral resources, water conservancy resources, with a bright prospect for development. The prefecture borders on Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, with eight ports, of which Korgas port is one of the important ports for Xinjiang's external trade.

Ili Region
Ili region is located in the west of Xinjiang and upper reaches of the Ili River. Under its administration are eight counties and one city, with a total population of 2,115,400 (1,420,300 for ethnic minorities), tilled land of 287,800 hectares, farm crops sown area of 169,600 hectares (re-sown area of 34,700 hectares), cash crops sown area of 117,200 hectares. It belongs to northern temperate semi-arid climate.
Ili region is an important production base for food, oil-bearing crops, sugar and livestock. Ten feature agricultural planting area have been formed inclusive of "Red Earth", fresh grape, red apple, superior rice and aromatic tobacco. A batch of feature products have been developed and fresh grape branded by Red Earth won gold prize at 99?? Kunming World Horticulture Exposition. The annual surface run-off is 168 hundred million cubic meters and reserve of underground water 16 hundred million cubic meters. The wooded land is 240,000 hectares and mountainous forest area 200,000 hectares. The total area of grassland is 3,466,700 hectares. The rare species of animals are four-paw land turtle, Xinjiang northern salamander, Tianshan red deer, snow leopard and Mongolian gazelle. The medicinal plants are Ili Fritillaria thun-bergli, licorice, Ephedra sinica, Ili, Astragalus mongholicus and wild hawthorn. The mineral resources are coal, iron, copper, gold, mica and asbestos. There are three national category-A ports including Korgas, Dulart and Muzart as well as Yining category-B port.

Yining-a City of South China??s Scenery Beyond the Yumen Pass
Yining city is the capital of Ili Kazak autonomous prefecture and location of administrative agency of Ili region. It is a city inhabited by multi-ethnic groups, with a population of 342,000. Yining city, located in the central part of the Ili River Valley, is endowed with beautiful environment and agreeable climate, being known as "a city of south China".
Yining city has now owned the industrial sectors of electric power, building material, woolen textile, leather, farm machinery, papermaking and cement etc. The place is teemed with fertile soil and rich water resources, enjoying developed agriculture, forest and animal husbandry. Yining city is commonly known as "a land of apple", whose apple output takes up some 10% in Xinjiang.
The projected area of Yining economic and technological cooperative area is 6.5 Sq. kilometers, composed of one small central section integrating management, trade and economy and service and four industrial sections. The cooperative area is a comprehensive economic section at multi-layers and multi- sectors combining trade, industry and commerce dominated by export-oriented economy, opening of local resources and development new and high technology. Its development closely depends on the geographical advantage of the three ports inclusive of Korgas, Dulart and Muzart as well as human resources. The favorable policies given by the state and the governments at all levels must be fully used to develop a new district with the old district as a mainstay, expand the economic and technological cooperative field with counter arts at home and abroad and enlarge central-Asian and east-European markets in a joint effort by drawing capital from abroad and cooperating laterally with inner-land provinces as well as inviting businessmen for investment.
Yining city is trying to quicken construction on infrastructure facilities, improve investment environment, develop purchase-tour with Kazakhstan and make preparation at former stage for the open of navigation on the Ili River. Yining city will soon become the only one with water, land and air ports in west china.

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