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Korla-a New City in Oasis
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-June-26 12:27:14

Korla, the capital of Bayangol Mongolian Autonomous Region, is located on the southern slope of the Tianshan Mountains and northeast edge of the Tarim Basin, being well known for its fragrant pears.At present, Korla has become a collecting and distributing place of railway transportation between inner-land provinces, east Xinjiang, north Xinjiang and south Xinjiang and central station between eastward, westward and southward air-transportation. The post-service and telecommunication have already ranked among national advanced cities, GNP and financial income have come to the front among cities at county-level in Xinjiang and urban built area has come to the second place only next to Urumqi.Korla people, with the advantages of geography and resources as its mainstay, petrol chemical development as a center, construction on trade and commercial collection and distribution as a link and municipal works construction as a lead, will adopt the economic manner integrating local industry and petroleum development and work well on some initial projects in order to help shape a industrial structure in petroleum industrial park and build Korla into a new-type petrol-chemical city.

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