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 The Silk Road;A Commercial Channel that Linked up the Eastern and Western Civilizations
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Animal-bird Line Bronze Mirror of the Tang Dynasty, unearthed from the ruins of ancient Beiting Town, Jimsar, Xinjiang

In his book The Silk Road, L.Boulnois,a French scholar, described a legendary event. In the year of 53 BC, Kraso, one of the three Executive Administrators of the ancient Roman Empire and the Governor of the ancient Syria, led his army to conquer the Persia and had a very fierce battle with Persians, and while the battle was going on to the noon time, neither side won the battle, the Persians suddenly displayed their colorful Rags before the Roman troops,which were so colerful and dazzling that frightened the Roman solders so much that they escaped from the battlefield and finally lost the battle.

A Paiting of Xuanzang on His Pilgrim to India

Florus, a historian, believed that these flags were made of silk that the Romans had never seen before." As silk was more colorful than any textile products at that time, it became well known very soon by the ancient Romans. And it was also bccause silk products were very rare in thc Empire, they were regarded as a symbol of social status, which, in turn, spurred increasing desires for them.

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