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 The Cultural Exchanges and Ethnic Blending that Created Unique Customs of the WEstern Regions
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Animal-face Figure and Sheep-line Brocade of the Han Dynasty(300 BC-3OO AD),unearthed from Shanpla Ancient Tombs, Luopu County ,Xinjiang

The ancient Silk Road, a bridge or tie as it were, made great contributions to the cultural exchanges and promoted civilizations of mankind. As the middle section of the great channel, the ancient Western Regions, or the present Xinjiang, while offering a stage on which different cultures exchanged and diffused, became a meeting place for their exchanges and diffusion, thus leaving us the multi-cultures of Xinjiang, the products that the history have accumulated and have been refined through times, fascinating and radiating, of which the local folk customs are special and splendid.

Woolen Warrior Wall Hanging with"Horse man" Figures (3OO BO-3OO AD)unearthed from Shanpla Ancient Tombs,Luopu County, Xinjiang

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