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From Prerevarsky to Sven Hedin: Long-time Arguments on the Positions of Lop Nor
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A Stone Figure of Goddess, the Bronze Period, unearthed from Ancient Tomb Valley of Kongque River

To the arid area like west China, lakes are very preciou for their special functions of absorbing and containing water from rivers and streams, which are indispensable to maintaining life. And lakes of the areas, like huge regulators, nourish the oases and regulate the eco-systems while evaporating water. Those lakes in West China, also like bright eyes, look at the changes that happened in the vast land.In turn, changes of the lakes in West China performs the function of an indicator of eco-environment,society and even civilizations of the areas. The vanishing of lakes is like the vanishing of light of the life.

Yardan Formation of Eastern Sanlong,Lop Nor(From "Mysterous Lop Nor")

In the history of Western Regions' explorations, no lakes like Lop Nor have attracted so many explorers, Chinese or foreign, and no lakes like Lop Nor, have been the focus for arguments of hundred years in the international academic circle, and many mysteries about it are to be probed into.

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