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The Discovery of Lolan and Xiaohe:A Beginning of a Thousand-year Mystery
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Straw Basket,the Bronze Age,unearthed at Xiaohe Tomb Compound in 2003

The year of 19OO was a year that was unprecedented in thc exploration history of the Western Regions. In the year. Sven Hedin, the Swedish explorer, organized his exploring team and entered Taklamakhan Desert. And many days' journey made them and their animals extremely tired. And as they moved on for some other days, there were only four person in the team. And the most urgent thing for them was to find water in order to avoid the tragedy that Sven Hedin had experienced in Hetian(Khotin) River valley, when be almost died of lack of water. When they were gong to dig for water under some living tamarisk, only to find that their only tool, a spade, had been lost in a ruins of a temple where they had done some excavation not long ago.

LAXI Settlement, Loulan, photo by A Stein

Stone artifact,Neolithic Age,collected in Lop Nor Area by A.Stein

In this situation, his guide, a Lop man, Orderk, immediately went back to look for it despite of the darkness of the night. As he set out, there was a strong wind. And the unexpected wind forced the man to a ruins with many grand carved-wooden decorations. When Sven Hedin saw a carved wooden figure, he knew it was an important ruins. But he did not realize at that time how important this ruins was in the history of Western Regions and how important the information was when the rains disclosed its secrets to human beings.

Woolen Ware with Human Figures,the Han Dynasty(206 BC- 22O AD),unearthed in Lou Lan, by A.Stein

The Ruins of Ancient Yingpan Fortress,the Han-Jing Dynasty(200BC-300AD),Yuli County,Xinjiang

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