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 The Charms of Kashgar in the Eye of the Foreign Explorers
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A Uyghur Boy Selling Nans

As early as in the Yuan Dynasty when Marco Polo passed by the ancient Kashgar, he wrote about what he had seen here. He said that people in Kashgar lived on trading and craft making, weaving business was highly developed. They had their own beautiful gardens, orchards and grape gardeds. And the area produced plentiful of cotton, fiber flax and hemp,which were transported to other places of the world by Kashgar traders.Although some people doubted about the accuracy of what Marco Polo recorded, we could imagine what he saw in Kashgar area when we understand the facts that the area is the largest cotton production zone in Xinjiang, and that the varieties and quality of fruits and melons produced in the area are on the top list of Xinjiang and that there are prosperous bazaars every where in the area and craft making is in the first rank in Xingjiang.

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