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Classical Episode of the Exploration History of the Western Regions
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In the Autumn of 1894, Sven Hedin failed in his mountain climbing activity: he did not succeeded in reaching the top of Muztag ata. Then he came back to Kashgar to recover himself. In the city,he met many people and learned many things he had not known before. Of all of them. undoubtedly, the legends that there were many treasures bulied in the ruins of towns of the desert attracted him very much. As his initial goal in Kashgar failed him, the idea to cross Taklamakhan became clearer and clearer in his mind and be began to make preparations for it, for there had not been anybody, at least any European before him, who had tried to cross the Desert.

Not long after the Christmas of the year, he started with preparations for the adventure, and left Kashgar on the l7th,February of 1895.he had intended to go into the heart of the Desert for explorations in hope that he could realize his dream of crossing the second largest desert in the world. However, he had never thought that this would be the most dangerous exploration in his exploring career and that he would leave a classical page for the exploration history of the Western Region.

On the 10th, April of 1895. Hedin's camels entered the Desert from Meget, and his destination was River Hetian on the other side of the Desert. They were well equipped: 8 camels, 2 dogs, 3 sheep, 10 chickens, 3 rifles, 6 short guns, and fined grain flour and rice for 4-5 months supply); survey devices,; sufficient winter wears, and a cock for announcing the arrival of dawn!

The strong spring wind in the desert was the first difficulty that they had to cope with, but it was not a fatal one.They made a fatal mistake-neglecting the water which enabled them to survive in the desert.And this mistake almost led the camel team to suffer a lethal failure.

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