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The Past Anticipation and todays' Reality
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Urumqi Railway Station

Since Zhang Qian opened the communication channel between Inland China and the Western Regions the central governments of China in different times have laken the management of the regions as an important strategy, for, on the one hand, this vast land is vitally important for the stability of the country,on the other hand, the Chinese governments in the history anticipated that the Western Regions may function as a passage for its development westward. It should be said that the existence of the ancient Silk Road had offered a basis for this anticipation. But, with the breaking of the channel and changes in the world, the Western Regions of China was closed to the outside world.

This could be seen in the time of 1920-1930 when Sven Hedin began to establish Swedish-Sino Northwest China Scientific Expedition, Xinjiang was not on]y closed to the other parts of the world but also it had difficulties in communications with Inland China.

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