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Equality and Unity: Foundation of Success
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The activities of Swedish Sino Northwest China Scientific Expedition were divided into two phases. The first phase included the period between 1927 and 1933. During this time, the Expedition entered Xinjiang via inner Mongolia, and they had carried out multi-disciplinary scientific surveys along the routes, established the climate observation stations,done field work and excavations The second phase covers the period from 1933 to 1937.

The Urumqi City (Dihua}when the Sino Swedish Northwest China Scientific Exploration Team Arrived in

In this period, entrusted by the Ministry of Railway Transportation of the Government of Republic China in Nanking, thcy made surveys and explorations to see whether there was feasibility for building a trans-China highway from the east to the west of the country. As the Ford Motor Company offered trucks as their means of transportation, so the expedition of the phase was called "Motor Expcdition".

The Sino-Swedish Northwest China Scientific Expedition at Hami

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