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Abahejia Tomb
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2008-December-22 12:43:53

The Abahejia Tomb is located in the northeast suburb of Kashgar City, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The tomb, which belongs to Hezhuo (king in Uygur) Apake, leader of the Baishan Branch of Islam in Kashgar and his family members. It consists of the main tomb, mosque and summons hall, which were built around 1640 and enlarged several times by successive dynasties.

The tomb, which is near a square, is located in the center of the tomb yard. It is 35 meters wide at the bottom and 29 meters deep. Sitting at the tomb's four corners are cylinder pillars with a diameter of three meters. Situated on top of the pillars are attics with a crescent symbolizing Islam. The tomb has an arched clay roof 17 meters in diameter. There is also a round house with a crescent on top of the tomb. The tomb mound is 26 meters high with green glass tiles from top to bottom. The tiles display engravings of religious doctrines in both Arabic and Persian.

The outer palace of the mosque is elegantly decorated. The gorgeous towers located at the corners of the mosque and on the two sides of the gate are accented with an Islamic flavor. Altogether, 72 family members of Hezhuo Apake are buried in the main tomb.

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