Xinjiang Geological and Mineral Museum
The Xinjiang Geological and Mineral Museum, located at the City of Urumqi in Xinjiang, is a comprehensive geological museum of provincial level in China. It used to be the geological exhibition room of Xinjiang Geological Bureau. In 1964, the name was changed into Xinjiang Geological Exhibition Hall. In 1979, the Exhibition Building was built. In 1982, its name was changed into Xinjiang Geological and Mineral Exhibition Hall. On October 1, 1984, it was officially opened to the public. In August 1986, it got the present name.

The museum has collected over 12,000 samples of minerals, rocks, ores and animal and plant fossils, of which 100 samples belong to Class One collection, including a crystal with the length of 1.7 meters, diameter of 62 cm and weight of 780 kilograms, a piece of round native copper with the diameter of 35 cm, thickness of 25 cm, weight of 102 kilograms and copper content of 99.84%, the first piece of transparent crystal diamond of Xinjiang weighing 1.2 carats, large beryl and white mica produced in the pegmatite at A'ertai, the Hetian jade known both at home and abroad, precious stones, the fossil sample of the Urumqi salamander in complete shape, a kind of amphibious vertebrate living 230,000,000 years ago discovered for the first time in China in the summer of 1983 and the fossil sample of Sushiqiao Dinosaur, a kind of vertebrate living 160 million years ago.

The museum is divided into four exhibition halls, namely, the Globe Science, the Minerals of Xinjiang, the Development and Utilization of the Mineral Resources in Xinjiang, and the Geological Specialty. The total space for exhibition is 2,400 square meters, displaying 115 kinds of minerals of the 121 minerals that have been found in Xinjiang. The museum also sponsors geological summer camp, carries out activities to popularize geological science and holds special exhibitions so as to expand its scope of service.

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