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Tartar Mosque and Qinghai Mosque
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Tartar Mosque:
The magnificent Tartar Mosque, located at the south end of the Jiefang Road of Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Atonomous Region, was built by the local Tartar people in 1897 entirely from donations. The mosque is the center for peaceful Islamic activities in Urumqi City. Covering over 3,000 square meters (0.74 acre), the community worship hall alone is over 800 square meters (0.2 acre) and accomodates people by the thousands. As expected, the decor is elaborate with exquisite porches, carvings, and paintings all throughout.

Tartar Mosque is one of the very few mosques open to visitors. All visitors need to gain approval to enter the mosque.

Some Mosque Rules for Visitors:
1. Do not shake hands or touch the heads of the clerics.
2. Keep your voice to a minimal level.
3. Do not wear short pants, short sleeved shirts, or sandals.
Qinghai Mosque in Urumqi
Qinghai Mosque in Urumqi
Qinghai Mosque
Qinghai Mosque
Qinghai Mosque:
Located in the southwestern side of the junction of Qinghaisi Lane and the south Heping Road, Qinghai Mosque was originally called Xining Mosque, built from the donation of Qinghai Hui people in 1868. Covering an area of 1,232 square yards, it is a brick and wood structure building which is mainly composed of the main hall and gatehouse. Overhauled in 1918 and 1947, it is endowed with strong Islamic flavor and can hold over 
Hezhou Mosque in Urumqi
Hezhou Mosque in Urumqi
500 people to worship. 

Hezhou Mosque:
Located on the east side in the middle of Jianzhong Road, Hezhou Mosque was first built in the late 19th century and rebuilt in 1988. The mosque is featured with the updated style. The main hall is a brick and wood structure architecture and covers an area of 572 square yards. On the ridge of it stand a glittering green dome, and the four corners of it prick up another four smaller domes. The whole building presents an imposing and solemn atmosphere.

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