A Gathering Of Literary & Art Circles
The 7th conference of XJ Federation of Literary and Art Circles closed. To celebrate it, an evening party was held on Wednesday evening.
XJ China Cultural Week Kicks Off
The opening ceremony of Xinjiang China Cultural Week and ethnic song and dance performance kicked off in Kyrgyzstan Ballet Theatre on Tuesday night. Kyrgyzstan's President Roza Otunbayeva watched the performance.
  Basic Resources
·Hetian Museum

·Xinjiang Regional Museum

·The Cultural Exchanges Created Unique Customs of Xinjiang

·Central College for Cultural Administrative Cadres



Fitting end for Martin in Xinjiang
  Ethnic Minorities
  Basic Resources

The Ewenki ethnic minority

The Kazak ethnic minority

·Hair washing

·Sheep Tussling

·Girl Chase

·Horse Racing

·Students dance for upcoming Corban Festival in Ningxia

·Muslims in China's Xinjiang prepare for Eid al-Adha

·Hair-braiding competition in Xinjiang
  Xinjiang History
·Turpan History
Ancient City of Jiaohe built from 2nd Century to 5th Century by Cheshi Kingdom Turpan is the lowest inland basin in the world, with most of its inhabitants living below sea level. Turpan is one of the hottest places in China, but is also one of the most charming.
·Urumqi History

Ancient stone tablet unearthed in Xinjiang
  The Silk Road

·The Early Merchants on the Silk Road

·The Home of Silk

·1. The Important Town of the Silk Road and Rediscovery of the Ancient Civilizations

·Foreign Explorers to the Ancient Silk Road before 18th Century

The musical pearl of the Orient

Actors perform in stage play Snowland Families in Altay, China's Xinjiang
  Viewpoints about Xinjiang

From Urumqi to Urumqi
Arriving at Urumqi was like walking through one of the mirrors of Alice in Wonderland, one side of it is a dark and dinghy world, while on the other is a vivid and modern vista.

Home away from home
An Irishman, lured by the bright sunshine, has decided to add some Irish charm to Northwest China's beautiful landscape, reports Shao Wei from Urumqi.

Reporter's notebook: A tour of Urumqi and Ili in Xinjiang
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