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·Dawaz and cultural relic preservation11:30:23 09/19/2016
·Xinjiang Volume: Sainaimu of the Uygur Ethnic Group14:32:41 04/01/2011
·The Hero Returning to the East - Wobaxi14:03:56 04/01/2011
·Xinjiang to hold Wedding Cultural Festival14:02:29 04/01/2011
·Nadam Fair14:01:39 04/01/2011
·Digital movie on Janggar starts shooting in Xinjiang14:00:25 04/01/2011
·Dasitan of the Uygur People13:53:35 04/01/2011
·China looks to improve preservation of ancient ethnic literatures09:58:38 03/30/2011
·China looks to improve preservation of ancient ethnic literatures09:58:38 03/30/2011
·Folk art performances at Xinjiang cultural festival15:45:49 03/28/2011
·Folk art performances at Xinjiang cultural festival15:45:49 03/28/2011
·More Efforts To Cultural Devt14:19:03 03/23/2011
·More Efforts To Cultural Devt14:19:03 03/23/2011
·XJ's Promrtion Film Shows In BJ11:01:03 03/09/2011
·Turpan grape festival news briefing to be held in Beijing15:25:34 08/10/2010
·Over 11 billion RMB invested to promote film watching in Urumqi16:42:12 08/09/2010
·Jade carving successor meeting held in Xinjiang16:41:50 08/09/2010
·Culture Assistance To XJ09:57:50 08/06/2010
·Jiangxi Calligraphy Exhibition held in Xinjiang10:28:11 08/05/2010
·Shihezi Military Cultivation Cultural and Travel Festival kicks off09:05:35 08/03/2010

·China-Indonesia Islamic Culture Expo & Art Show 2010 Concludes in Jakarta09:57:55 07/26/2010
·TV play serial on the liberation of Nagri to be shot in Xinjiang15:31:58 07/19/2010
·Talk Of Writers & Translators11:08:46 07/19/2010
·Happy music classrooms to be distributed to Xinjiang09:16:25 07/19/2010
·The Forth Jianggar Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Xinjiang11:46:51 07/14/2010
·Artists try to capture ancient beauty of changing Silk Road city17:25:53 07/09/2010
·Unveil intangible cultural heritage of Baicheng09:12:58 07/06/2010
·Xinjiang wire walker proud of his lofty record09:12:58 07/06/2010
·Representatives discuss the cultural development of Xinjiang10:10:09 06/24/2010
·The First Four Cultural Units to Help Promte the Cultural Development of Xinjiang10:10:26 06/24/2010
·Support To XJ's Culture10:57:47 06/23/2010
·Fund Donated To XJ's Culture12:07:06 06/22/2010
·Xinjiang Stagecraft Won Favor12:55:39 06/18/2010
·Enjoy Xinjiang's traditional crafts on Cultural Heritage Day16:00:04 06/13/2010
·First set of multimedia stamp sold in Urumqi15:59:21 06/13/2010
·Ancient dress exhibited in Urumqi15:59:47 06/13/2010
·No break for China's veteran rally king Lu12:26:02 05/31/2010
·Brilliant ethnic cultures in Xinjiang15:00:24 05/25/2010
·Brilliant Ethnic Cultures In XJ16:42:29 05/19/2010
·Xinjiang drama showed in Beijing14:58:03 05/18/2010

·Two Xinjiang cultural heritage works to win title14:58:44 05/18/2010
·Secrets of the Silk Road18:10:08 04/27/2010
·Penn Museum is Only East Coast Venue for "Secrets of the Silk Road"18:10:01 04/27/2010
·Museum and the Institute of Archaeology of Xinjiang reveals surprising details about the people who lived along the ancient Silk Road.18:09:37 04/27/2010
·Bowers Museum Secrets of the Silk Road exhibit opens in Santa Ana18:09:33 04/27/2010
·"Secrets of the Silk Road" exhibition opens in Santa Ana, California18:09:48 04/27/2010
·Secrets of the Silk Road: Mystery Mummies from China to be Unveiled18:09:45 04/27/2010
·Legends of the Silk Road- Treasures from Xinjiang18:09:58 04/27/2010
·NW China universities promote Chinese culture in central Asia10:46:53 01/20/2010
·The Epic of Manas11:48:57 12/22/2009
·Xinjiang Exhibition in Beijing11:48:57 12/22/2009
·Dadawa's going places16:39:35 11/26/2009
·Dadawa's going places16:39:35 11/26/2009
·Museum of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region13:19:37 12/22/2008
·Architectural Art of Uygur Nationality13:19:37 12/22/2008
·Dynasty Brocade12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Xinjiang Geological and Mineral Museum12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Kazak musician seeks inspiration from tradition16:10:08 11/21/2008
·Turning in to tradition
16:07:42 11/21/2008
·Turning in to tradition
16:07:42 11/21/2008

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