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·'Turpan Mukam' staged in Beijing12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Kazak musician seeks inspiration from tradition16:10:08 11/21/2008
·Musical acrobatic show "Hello, Atainde" staged in Beijing09:46:18 03/14/2011
·Women's art show opens in Xinjiang12:30:18 03/08/2011
·Landscape paintings exhibition held in Urumchi11:18:29 12/06/2010
·XJ's Artistic Works Show In BJ11:56:24 10/27/2010
·Children's magical flower blossoms in Xinjiang10:47:23 09/20/2010
·Jade sculpture artworks on exhibition in Xinjiang10:05:17 09/07/2010
·6,000-year-old prehistoric painting found in Xinjiang16:37:54 08/25/2010
·Folk dances of Xinjinag staged in Taiwan16:09:24 08/16/2010
·Sunshine show from Xinjiang11:09:48 08/06/2010
·Hip-hop finds champion in Uygur dancer09:57:43 07/26/2010
·China·Xinjiang International Children's Arts Festival09:38:30 07/21/2010
·International Dance Sport performed in Hami City09:34:11 07/20/2010
·Artists try to capture ancient beauty of changing Silk Road city17:25:53 07/09/2010
·Chinese Ethnic Handicraft Collection Tour kicks off in Beijing16:40:42 07/07/2010
·Folk music and dance staged in XJ Art Theatre09:16:24 07/06/2010
·Splendid exotic dance performances fascinate tourists09:16:24 07/06/2010
·Folk music staged in the 1st national art exhition.09:16:24 07/06/2010
·The first "Patriotic Songs” competition held in Urumqi09:39:28 06/30/2010

·The introduction of Xinjiang music and art09:39:28 06/30/2010
·Artists from China's Ministry of Culture perform in Xinjiang10:11:47 06/25/2010
·China repairs cultural relics in ancient Silk Road15:57:10 06/22/2010
·Exhibit aims to show aliens dwell in our midst15:57:07 06/22/2010
·Hui people's show dazzles in Cairo15:46:14 06/22/2010
·3rd Aken Ballad Singing Celebration10:30:16 06/17/2010
·Ancient dress exhibited in Urumqi11:26:12 06/13/2010
·Enjoy Xinjiang's traditional crafts on Cultural Heritage Day11:26:12 06/13/2010
·Karez systems -- the crystallization of diligence and intelligence11:49:34 06/11/2010
·Xinjiang drama showed in Beijing11:49:34 06/11/2010
·Brilliant ethnic cultures in Xinjiang15:57:02 06/22/2010
·Dawaz of the Uygur Ethnic Minority15:02:43 03/09/2010
·Performance Art in Xinjiang15:07:21 03/03/2010
·The Kashgar Philosophy15:16:33 02/10/2010
·The Thousand and One Nights of Qiuci15:09:36 02/03/2010
·Xinjiang Volume: Sainaimu of the Uygur Ethnic Group12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Darwaz12:43:53 12/22/2008

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