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·XJ Historical Documents Show In Beijing11:25:44 01/28/2011
·Graveyard at Astana13:19:37 12/22/2008
·Site of Niya13:19:37 12/22/2008
·Xiaohe tomb site at Lop Nor in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region13:19:37 12/22/2008
·Beiting Ancient City Site12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Abahejia Tomb12:43:53 12/22/2008
·The Dongheigou Site in Balikun of Xinjiang12:43:53 12/22/2008
·The Jin Dynasty and Sixteen Kingdoms-Style Brick Tomb in Kuqa County of Xinjiang12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Tomb Group of Asitana12:43:53 12/22/2008
·City Site in the State of Loulan12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Ya'erhu Ancient City12:43:53 12/22/2008
·Ancient stone tablet unearthed in Xinjiang15:56:21 12/24/2010
·3000-year-old tomb group found in Xinjiang15:19:20 02/16/2011
·Revealing the secrets of Xinjiang relics10:50:02 02/15/2011
·Zhang Qian's Journey to  the West13:03:02 01/08/2008
·Ancient stone coffin cluster unearthed in NW China12:28:03 11/15/2010
·Ancient Buddhist grotto found in Xinjiang10:36:38 10/26/2010
·Precious historic documents of Xinjiang exhibited16:09:33 08/16/2010
·Disaster-ridden China and Awakening Intellectuals Background11:17:11 04/08/2008

·Equality and Unity: Foundation of Success11:25:58 04/08/2008
· A Moving University11:26:45 04/08/2008
·The Past Anticipation and todays' Reality11:37:23 04/08/2008
·Classical Episode of the Exploration History of the Western Regions11:00:16 04/08/2008
· A Drama without the end and Echo from the Desert11:10:58 04/08/2008
·A Camp for Foreign Explorers for the Western Region Exploration10:49:01 04/08/2008
·The Charms of Kashgar in the Eye of the Foreign Explorers10:54:40 04/08/2008
·From Prerevarsky to Sven Hedin: Long-time Arguments on the Positions of Lop Nor18:54:11 04/02/2008
·Explorations of Foreign Explorer in the Lop Nor Area15:37:40 04/03/2008
·The Discovery of Lolan and Xiaohe:A Beginning of a Thousand-year Mystery18:05:41 04/03/2008
·Historical Relics and Cultural Treasures in Xinjiang:the Heritage of the Silk Road and Environmental Changes18:44:11 03/20/2008
·The Cultural Exchanges and Ethnic Blending that Created Unique Customs of the WEstern Regions18:40:38 03/24/2008
·Connecting between Inland China and the Ancient Western Region(Xinjiang):Development of the Silk Road11:32:47 03/19/2008
·The Silk Road;A Commercial Channel that Linked up the Eastern and Western Civilizations12:39:12 03/19/2008
·The Mysterious Ancient Xinjiang Area Was Where the Ancient Civilizations Met16:03:32 03/19/2008
·Ubasi, the heor returning Eastbound18:45:27 08/04/2010
·China begins maintenance of ancient tomb, mosque in "silk road" town12:55:28 06/18/2010
·The hero returning to the east - Wobaxi17:26:02 07/09/2010
·Ancient tombs of Astana in Turpan11:40:43 06/12/2010

·Researchers may know identity of ancient town in Xinjiang11:06:41 06/11/2010
·The Birth of Silk Road15:00:51 05/21/2010
·Researchers may know identity of ancient town in Xinjiang14:57:04 05/20/2010
·Cultural anf historical tour in Turpan Museum18:06:58 05/18/2010
·Silk Road Museum in Kashgar18:06:53 05/18/2010
·China repairs cultural relics in ancient Silk Road10:27:28 05/10/2010
·Xinjiang unearthed oldest known ancestor of birds15:16:33 02/10/2010
·Xinjiang in 220-581 A.D11:18:19 02/01/2010
·What does 'Uygur' mean?11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang inthe mid-seventh century11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang in the early eighth century11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang in the mid-ninth century11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang between the ninth and the 12th centuries11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang in the early 13th century11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang in the late 14th century11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Xinjiang in the Qing Dynasty11:18:19 02/01/2010
·Hami Muqam Inherited10:57:24 10/15/2008
·The Administration of Xinjiang by the Successive Central Governments18:33:46 06/12/2006
·Ancient Xinjiang18:31:57 06/12/2006

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