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·Born with a wooden spoon: Uygur father and son preserve ancient craft16:16:15 04/18/2017
·Busy bazaar in Xinjiang10:19:44 01/18/2017
·Xinjiang stunned Guangdong 129-109 in CBA 27th round15:44:16 01/14/2017
·Equestrian speciality class organized at school in NW China17:05:20 01/10/2017
·Kazak people hold goat grabbing event in NW China's Xinjiang11:34:13 12/26/2016
·In pics: Yadan landform in Hami City in NW China's Xinjiang17:52:38 12/23/2016
·Daily life of herdsmen in Xinjiang's Altay11:44:34 11/30/2016
·Winter's livestock migration in Xinjiang15:47:22 11/24/2016
·Teenagers travel far for better schooling10:40:37 04/06/2016
·Traditional way of making Atlas silk revives10:23:09 04/07/2016
·The 'brother and sister' who have cultivated success10:21:47 09/18/2015
·Adili: Nut cakes passing on the Chinese Dream21:15:44 09/18/2015
·Uygur wood carving: dedication art on wood15:22:45 10/28/2016
·Crops enter harvest season in Xinjiang18:13:49 10/14/2016
·Coming to tables soon12:40:49 10/18/2016
·China's young footballers chase their dream16:38:46 10/19/2016

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