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·Altay's isolation from railway network comes to an end11:24:02 06/12/2017
·Beijing-Xinjiang expressway to open to traffic15:45:04 06/05/2017
·Workers start to lay tracks for new railway to Xinjiang15:45:08 06/05/2017
·White paper hails 'great progress' of human rights protection in Xinjiang11:28:07 06/02/2017
·Xinjiang Alashankou port sees record cargo trains in 201610:33:47 06/01/2017
·Xinjiang foreign trade grows in first 4 months11:50:37 05/23/2017
·Int'l bus-rail-sea freight route begins operation in Xinjiang11:55:30 05/22/2017
·Xinjiang program preparing students for the future11:07:58 05/18/2017
·High-end industries building up in Xinjiang12:08:51 05/15/2017
·Journalists focus on Silk Road Economic Belt in Xinjiang19:08:05 05/11/2017
·5.5-magnitude earthquake jolts Xinjiang: CENC11:14:49 05/11/2017
·Amazing scenery of Sayram Lake in NW China's Xinjiang12:29:48 05/09/2017
·Scientists carry out "body check" for Glacier No.1 in Tianshan Mountains12:14:58 05/03/2017
·Xinjiang reports robust foreign trade growth in Q110:52:08 05/02/2017
·Over 20,000 Xinjiang graduates return home17:50:14 04/27/2017
·The natural beauty of Xinjiang amazes people17:49:12 04/27/2017
·Int'l Bazaar attracts tourists in Urumqi, NW China13:10:12 04/26/2017
·2 rare wild horses born in NW China, more expected15:58:26 04/25/2017
·Xinjiang's medical industry becomes promising part of Belt and Road Initiative10:56:03 04/24/2017
·China Focus: Xinjiang emerges as medical tourism hub10:50:11 04/24/2017

·Xinjiang to invest 14.4 billion yuan on airport construction13:13:20 04/18/2017
·Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe railway boosts economic co-op between countries along route18:47:06 04/18/2017
·Apricot flowers bloom in Turgen Township, China's Xinjiang18:47:08 04/18/2017
·In film that premiered Monday, girl dances to beat of a different drum16:14:48 04/18/2017
·Bayan Bulag grassland in Xinjiang enters into busiest breeding season13:52:29 04/15/2017
·Xinjiang to strengthen preschool bilingual education14:02:04 04/09/2017
·Xinjiang claim maiden CBA title, sweeping Guangdong13:33:24 04/09/2017
·Folk culture tourist area in NW China10:53:05 04/07/2017
·Snow falls in Xinjiang during Qingming Festival10:51:28 04/05/2017
·Corps has role to play in promoting stability in Xinjiang15:14:20 04/04/2017
·Ancient city wall ruins discovered in NW China's Xinjiang15:52:01 04/01/2017
·Xinjiang foreign trade soars 70 pct in first two months12:49:48 04/01/2017
·Snow owls spotted in Xinjiang10:48:19 03/30/2017
·Xinjiang universities to offer Farsi, Urdu classes11:33:33 03/28/2017
·Conservation jobs help alleviate poverty in Xinjiang14:45:20 03/26/2017
·Apricot greatly boosts county's tourism19:03:49 03/22/2017
·Tianshan Grand Canyon in China's Xinjiang19:02:26 03/22/2017
·Winter sports begin Chinese 'spring'12:35:24 03/18/2017
·Circus school helps young Xinjiang acrobats win gold10:37:14 03/16/2017
·Urumqi sees 200 freight train departures10:30:41 03/16/2017

·Xinjiang on brink of CBA Finals10:30:43 03/16/2017
·Rising Uygur deputy and her two sessions10:09:27 03/16/2017
·Xi calls for building 'great wall of iron' for Xinjiang's stability18:06:00 03/11/2017
·Ethnic language services at two sessions10:47:14 03/10/2017
·Flight training in Xinjiang11:08:03 03/09/2017
·Urumqi horse breeding park welcomes Akhal-Teke foal10:07:25 03/06/2017
·Xinjiang to make record-high investments in transportation infrastructure10:40:03 03/15/2017
·Xi calls for building "great wall of iron" for Xinjiang's stability15:02:12 03/11/2017
·Urumqi horse breeding park welcomes Akhal-Teke foal10:07:25 03/06/2017
·Xinjiang finishes first round of universal health checks10:04:35 03/06/2017
·Urumqi promotes electric vehicles to ease power overcapacity10:13:43 03/03/2017
·Tea culture in Kashgar, northwest China10:48:25 02/27/2017
·China Southern Airline serves Jilin cadres aiding Xinjiang17:12:16 02/26/2017
·Banking body prepares list of PPP projects in Xinjiang17:08:26 02/26/2017
·Faster train links Xinjiang to Kazakhstan17:08:25 02/26/2017
·Xinjiang leader puts security to the test10:52:50 02/23/2017
·Xinjiang sees growth in rural incomes10:11:51 02/17/2017
·Scenery of Sayram Lake in China's Xinjiang10:37:59 02/16/2017
·Talent policy to help develop Urumqi10:28:05 02/16/2017
·Investment in Xinjiang textile industry booming10:45:39 02/15/2017

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