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Xinjiang University
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Xinjiang University was founded in 1924 and is located in the southern part of Urumqi City. It is a national key comprehensive university with students from various ethnic groups and the only university in Xinjiang entering the national “211 Project”. On December 30th, 2000 the former Xinjiang University and Xinjiang Engineering Institute merged into a new Xinjiang University. In the past 78 years, the university has seen 65,000 students graduate.

Xinjiang University is comprised of 14 schools, which has courses and braches of study ranging from science, engineering, law and economics to management, the arts and history.There are 3 Ph.D. programs, 46 Masters’programs and 65 undergraduate majors.The university has research institutions in these 8 areas of study: economics, arid ecology,math theory,demography,applied chemistry, Central Asia culture, Altaic study and architectural design. In order to intensify the reform of the teaching system and improve the administration and quality education, Xinjiang University is striving to expend its extensive cooperation and exchange with universities both at home and abroad. Facing the challenges of the 21st century, Xinjiang University has set its goal on aiding with Xinjiang’s economic construction,human condition improvement and social progress.

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