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Shihezi University
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Shihezi University is a new comprehensive university, located in the Garden City - Shihezi city north of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang. In August 2000, the University was a key University designated by China' s government to be constructed in West China.

Shihezi University takes teaching as centered and as its principal teaching goal to cultivate talents with higher quality and creative power in its development of higher education, The University has developed into a multi-level educational system and gives priority to full-time undergraduate education with focus on postgraduate education, the tertiary education, the higher vocational education, the adult education etc. More than 60 thousand students have graduated from the University and more than 130 thousand administrators, managers and professionals have been trained for the XPCC and the national agricultural reclamation system.

Over past ten years, the University has undertaken more than 500 key scientific subjects at the national, provincial and ministerial level, including projects from the National Natural Science Fund, the Social Science Fund and other projects from the government and departments concerned. The University has gained more than 300 achievements in scientific research, which have brought direct economic benefits of more than 2 thousand millions, and has received ministerial or provincial awards for more than 200 scientific projects. The 5 academic periodicals are published and issued: Journal of Shihezi University (Natural Science edition and Philosophy and Social Sciences edition), Xinjiang State Farms Economy, Agricultural Reclamation Medicine and Journal of Bingtuan Education Institute.

The University has 2,449 staff. There are 1,329 full-time teachers including a specially-engaged academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 140 professors, 374 associate professors, 28 experts and scholars receiving outstanding achievement awards at national and provincial (ministerial) level, and 70 distinguished experts and scholars receiving special subsidies from the Government. The students of the University come from 31 provinces and regions and the student population is currently 28,188, including 21,061 undergraduates, 5458 adult students, 1427 postgraduates for Doctoral Degree and Master Degree.

The University is equipped with the most up-to-date teaching and scientific research facilities. It has a well-equipped library, a large gymnasium, a multi-functional stadium and modernized teaching buildings. The University covers 1,730, 000 square meters. It has 800,000 square meters of building, and the area of its laboratories is 149,632. The library has a collection of 2,310,000 Chinese and foreign books and periodicals, and is only one model project in Xinjiang, as university digital libraries in State High-tech Project 863-There is also a book collection spot of UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in it.

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