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Xinjiang Medical University
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2006-November-16 11:49:52

Over the centuries, different ethnic groups and nationalities have been living together in harmony in Xinjiang – a recognition of the beautiful land and opportunities here. Xinjiang is a prime example of the unity, wisdom, and beauty found in China. The province of Xinjiang, situated in the northwest of China, remains strategically close to Central Asia and has the longest international border, the biggest land mass with the most ports、customs control points. It also contains the most ethnic groups within China.

Xinjiang has sublime mountains, broad prairies, beautiful oases, thick forests, deep lakes, amazing rivers, and breath-taking glaciers. Xinjiang has several famous tourist cities: among them Kashgar and Ili which is often called the Green City. These ancient cities were critical along the Silk Road.

The Xinjiang Medical University (XMU) is located at the foot of “Carp Hill” in Northeast Urumqi. This comprehensive Medical University integrates teaching,research and clinical treatment. The characteristics of a multi-ethnic city with its unique geographic features are complimented by XMU’s strong reputation in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

XMU, formerly called Xinjiang Medical College, commenced construction in 1954 and was completed in 1956 when its first students were recruited. The construction of the medical college was one of the 156 key construction projects carried out by Soviet aid.

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