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New Vocational Edu. Dept Set Up
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-September-22 12:44:44

Xinjiang Nat'l Association of Vocational Education of China was set up on Wednesday morning. It will add new vitality to the development of Xinjiang's vocational education. Zhang Rongmin, vice chairman of CPPCC, first vice president of National Democratic Construction Association, director of Nat'l Association of Vocational Education, and Zhang Chunxian, secretary of CPC Xinjiang Committee unveiled the shingle and delivered speeches.

Nat'l Association of Vocational Education is firstly set up in Shanghai by Huang Yanpei, democratic personage in 1917. It is a mass group that plays a proactive role in vocational education and political life of the state. 

Zhang Rongming said that, Xinjiang Nat'l Association of Vocational Education is one of the important part of the United Front. It should exert its advantages focusing on the work of the Party and government, as well as XJ's  economic and social development and people's livelihood project.

Zhang Chunxian expressed his congratulations for the foundation of the Association. He said that vocational education is an important part of education undertaking. It is of great significance in promoting Xinjiang's talent cultivation, employment and people's livelihood improvement. The CPC committees and governments at different levels must attach great importance and give support to the work of the Association, so as to drive the rapid development of vocational education.

Nuer Baikeli and other Xinjiang leaders attended the meeting.

10 entrepreneur members of Xinjiang National Democratic Construction Association and Xinjiang Nat'l Association of Vocational Education donated 12 million Yuan to the warm project fund of Nat'l Association of Vocational Education of China.

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