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FIVB to introduce Hawk-Eye to improve volleyball, says president
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2012-August-13 18:41:56

LONDON, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- The world volleyball governing body FIVB will introduce high-tech to ensure fair play in volleyball sports, said president of FIVB Wei Jizhong on Saturday.

In a press brief held at Earls Court, the venue of indoor volleyball at London Olympic Games, Wei expressed his desire that the FIVB uses the technology to help improve volleyball.

"We will improve and use new technology on the line and above the net to solve the problem of in or out, or if there is a touch," said the FIVB boss.

According to Wei, the FIVB will use a complex computer system to visually track the trail of the ball and display a record of its most statistically likely path, which is called "Hawk-Eye system" in cricket and tennis competitions.

"For me now, the competition scale developed very fast. One service or one spike may reach more than 100 kilometers per hour, it's too quick for the judges to made judgements," said 76-year-old Wei.

Wei said that he hoped such measures would be put in place by the time of the next FIVB World Championships in 2014 in Poland for men and Italy for women.

Besides that, Wei said FIVB also adopted some measures to avoid match-fixing at the tournament.

In volleyball competitions, the top four teams from two pools will qualify for the quarter-finals. The top team of a pool will play the fourth team in the other. The other two quarterfinals will be determined by a drawing of lots. In beach volleyball, a drawing of lots will also be held after the preliminary round.

"There were some criticism about the match format after the World Championships in 2012, so we change it in London to avoid match-fixing," said Wei, whose term ends in September.

"We have to serve the players, not to control them all the time, because the athletes undertook four years of scientific and hard training and we cannot allow one mistake from the judge or referee to make the difference.

"FIVB recognized our responsibility, we have worked really hard to guarantee a really fair play to serve the athletes."added Wei.

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