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·Kidney-on-a-chip to help study, treat kidney conditions16:19:20 06/23/2017
·Traveling museum "Tunnel of Science" opens to public in Ecuador17:38:31 06/23/2017
·Gateway' 17 conference held by Alibaba in Detroit17:34:43 06/23/2017
·Scientific expedition conducted on Qinghai-Tibet plateau17:29:24 06/23/2017
·Tiny fossils expand amphibious timeline by 15 million years11:38:15 06/22/2017
·China to compile historical data about South China Sea11:36:40 06/22/2017
·NASA's rover traces diverse environments on Mars11:36:07 06/22/2017
·China's cutting-edge technology unveiled at Paris Air Show18:12:05 06/20/2017
·China's two supercomputers still world's fastest as U.S. squeezed out of 3rd place17:28:08 06/20/2017
·Pulsed volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of dinosaurs: study17:17:41 06/20/2017
·U.S. scientists deliver formal proof of famous Kepler Conjecture17:17:05 06/20/2017
·UW researchers probe polymer able to conduct ions, electrons17:10:42 06/20/2017
·NASA Kepler announces over 200 new planet candidates, 10 in habitable zone17:09:29 06/20/2017
·China's cargo spacecraft completes second docking with space lab17:08:54 06/20/2017
·Analysis reveals new evidence that all stars are born in pairs11:49:30 06/19/2017
·Researchers identify DNA left by ocean animals as way to survey marine ecosystems11:47:43 06/19/2017
·Giant dragonfly fossil found in China11:47:08 06/19/2017
·"Trojan" females may hold key to pest control: New Zealand study11:46:07 06/19/2017
·Magma temperatures may help forecast volcanic eruptions11:45:22 06/19/2017
·China receives data from first X-ray space telescope11:44:35 06/19/2017

·In landmark experiment, Chinese scientists beam back "entangled" photons from space11:02:31 06/16/2017
·London study reveals how climate change doomed giant tortoise from Caribbean habitat11:00:00 06/16/2017
·China launches remote-sensing micro-nano satellites10:59:17 06/16/2017
·Study: winter rain, snow trigger small quakes on California faults10:58:07 06/16/2017
·Interview: Anti-venom for taipan snakebites developed by Aussie scientists could save 1,000 lives per year10:57:22 06/16/2017
·China releases first report on science popularization capacity10:55:39 06/16/2017
·China Focus: China launches space telescope to search for black holes, pulsars10:54:00 06/16/2017
·UK national kidney biobank to help advance research into "silent killer"11:48:38 06/15/2017
·Jiaolong finishes final dive in 38th oceanic scientific expedition12:01:34 06/15/2017
·China successfully tests near-space flight of largest solar drone11:58:41 06/15/2017
·Ancient tombs excavated in N China11:55:37 06/15/2017
·World-first Australian trial uses eye retraining to combat body insecurities11:46:55 06/15/2017
·Valeo launches first global research center in artificial intelligence on automotive applications11:43:23 06/15/2017
·Members of German gov't flock to Ludwigshafen Digital Summit11:42:13 06/15/2017
·Ukrainian researchers highly value scientific cooperation with China11:41:18 06/15/2017
·Study finds dressmakers' 3D vision to be needle-sharp11:37:48 06/15/2017
·Simulator to show Americans total solar eclipse 201712:26:23 06/13/2017
·Summit on 5G network kicks off in Beijing12:33:34 06/13/2017
·China aims to build world's 3rd ocean drilling research vessel12:11:38 06/13/2017
·Study reveals global hotspots of established alien species12:10:41 06/13/2017

·China's "combustible ice" rig unscathed after typhoon12:10:02 06/13/2017
·Chinese scientists predict "green tides"12:09:20 06/13/2017
·BDS Precise Service System covers over 300 Chinese cities12:08:42 06/13/2017
·U.S. researchers build system to detect cell phone hacking12:09:39 06/12/2017
·Children spend weekend at Science and Technology Museum in SW China12:20:37 06/12/2017
·Northeastern University wins China University Robot Competition final12:16:15 06/12/2017
·Some 3,000 contestants participate in China University Robot Competition12:13:35 06/12/2017
·New study unpacks link between climate change-induced food scarcity, violence12:07:55 06/12/2017
·Researchers discover 2-D magnet for first time12:06:29 06/12/2017
·Scientists create ultrastrong carbon material that's elastic like rubber12:05:55 06/12/2017
·Innovations become increasingly massive, costly endeavors: Stanford research12:04:57 06/12/2017
·Study: marine reserves can help mitigate effects of climate change11:54:50 06/09/2017
·Scientists identify most complete hatchling preserved in Burmese amber11:58:32 06/09/2017
·Mexico fines French carmaker Renault for environmental violations11:53:12 06/09/2017
·1st rally for electric vehicles held in Croatia11:50:25 06/08/2017
·International Festival of Technology opens in Netherlands11:53:30 06/08/2017
·Researchers tasked to make artificial intelligence explain itself11:46:49 06/08/2017
·China Focus: Space race or cosmic cooperation? China strongly calls for the latter11:44:33 06/08/2017
·2017 CES Asia held in China's Shanghai11:28:40 06/08/2017
·India launches its heaviest rocket into space16:01:49 06/06/2017

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