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·Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon, dies at 8212:27:41 01/17/2017
·China develops world's brightest EUV free electron laser12:29:19 01/16/2017
·New genetic diagnosis assists IVF success rate15:51:18 01/13/2017
·Farthest stars in Milky Way probably stolen from another galaxy: study12:10:04 01/12/2017
·Temperature rise could damage insects' reproduction ability: study11:29:01 01/11/2017
·China launches commercial rocket mission Kuaizhou-1A10:45:05 01/10/2017
·Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 held in Las Vegas12:53:19 01/09/2017
·Egyptian, Chinese antiquities officials study excavations in Egypt11:36:59 01/09/2017
·China launches telecommunication technology test satellite12:31:39 01/06/2017
·New study disproves "global warming hiatus"15:36:20 01/05/2017
·Chinese innovations solidify its importance in global tech industry: CTA president15:58:05 01/04/2017
·Some dinosaur eggs took 3 to 6 months to hatch: study16:32:34 01/03/2017
·Intelligent robots offer information services in east China17:18:49 12/30/2016
·Space station astronauts to conduct spacewalks for power update17:58:29 12/29/2016
·China Focus: China announces cybersecurity strategy18:20:40 12/28/2016
·Experiment with parrotlet reveals flight research faults11:34:57 12/27/2016
·Discovery of gravitational waves named Science's breakthrough of 201615:19:15 12/23/2016
·Blood test holds promise for cheaper, better way for managing lung cancer12:15:14 12/21/2016
·Non-lethal methods found effective for predator control11:53:15 12/20/2016
·Chemists create metal-oxide aqueous cluster formation process12:09:56 12/19/2016

·Mexico recovers 12 archaeological pieces from Italy10:49:13 12/15/2016
·U.S. commercial crew flights delayed to 2018: NASA15:26:54 12/14/2016
·Scientists propose injecting calcite into atmosphere to combat global warming11:26:16 12/13/2016
·China launches new-generation weather satellite17:16:44 12/12/2016
·First American in orbit John Glenn dies11:02:11 12/09/2016
·Feature: Decoding China's home-developed drone Wing Loong11:00:47 12/08/2016
·Scientists build galago-inspired robot with highest jumping agility11:12:07 12/07/2016
·Aussie researchers discover pathway key to weight loss12:54:35 12/06/2016
·Apple reveals self-driving car plan11:37:40 12/05/2016
·Engineers create prototype chip three atoms thick11:26:58 11/30/2016
·San Francisco public transit's ticketing system hit by cyber attack12:38:29 11/29/2016
·Researcher calls for long-term planning for recovery from big quake13:07:24 11/28/2016
·China Marine Economy Expo kicks off in Guangdong17:00:40 11/25/2016
·9th International Defense Exhibition and Seminar 2016 held in Pakistan11:00:25 11/24/2016
·U.S. cargo ship departs space station, prepares for fire experiment16:14:01 11/22/2016
·Large ancient granary relics found in north China18:50:43 11/21/2016
·Exhibition "NASA - A Human Adventure" to be held in Singapore12:16:23 11/18/2016
·Int'l team identifies smallest salamander species11:23:07 11/17/2016
·Stanford researchers use household chemicals to send messages10:33:25 11/16/2016
·Foton super truck showed on intelligent connected vehicle expo12:29:57 11/15/2016

·Diatom to help boost sensitivity of optical sensing by 10 million times10:39:33 11/11/2016
·Shanghai constructs large planetarium12:36:43 11/09/2016
·China highlights contribution in S&T income system to boost innovation11:17:31 11/08/2016
·Shenzhen Int'l Industrial Design Fair focuses on innovation12:40:03 11/07/2016
·Long March 5 rocket makes maiden flight15:52:34 11/04/2016
·Humans arrive in central Australia 10,000 years earlier than thought: scientists11:44:40 11/03/2016
·Record set for capturing and storing solar energy in hydrogen fuel11:50:38 11/02/2016
·Butterfly in Britain threatened by increasingly frequent extreme weather: study11:05:22 11/01/2016
·Study identifies compound to work with antioxidant against toxic stresses10:37:24 10/31/2016
·European ill-fated lander excavates shallow crater on Mars: NASA10:28:39 10/28/2016
·New method developed for estimating biodiversity based on tree cover11:38:33 10/27/2016
·Spinal muscles in astronauts shrink after months in space: study09:57:07 10/26/2016
·U.S. to release Internet of Things principles after Friday's cyberattacks11:19:57 10/25/2016
·New type of solar cell replaces silicon with inexpensive perovskite10:45:17 10/24/2016
·Space Journal: Entry 2 -- I haven't seen aliens, or got space sickness12:22:45 10/22/2016
·Blending optical, electronic processing, researchers create special-purpose computer11:26:42 10/21/2016
·Astronaut's first diary from space: forget all about rice and noodle after they are heated11:42:47 10/20/2016
·Shenzhou-11 astronauts enter Tiangong-2 space lab10:49:53 10/19/2016
·Orbital ATK launches ISS resupply mission with upgraded rocket11:25:47 10/18/2016
·China's Shenzhou-11 manned spacecraft blasts off10:27:06 10/17/2016

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