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·BDS Precise Service System covers over 300 Chinese cities12:08:42 06/13/2017
·U.S. researchers build system to detect cell phone hacking12:09:39 06/12/2017
·Children spend weekend at Science and Technology Museum in SW China12:20:37 06/12/2017
·Northeastern University wins China University Robot Competition final12:16:15 06/12/2017
·Some 3,000 contestants participate in China University Robot Competition12:13:35 06/12/2017
·New study unpacks link between climate change-induced food scarcity, violence12:07:55 06/12/2017
·Researchers discover 2-D magnet for first time12:06:29 06/12/2017
·Scientists create ultrastrong carbon material that's elastic like rubber12:05:55 06/12/2017
·Innovations become increasingly massive, costly endeavors: Stanford research12:04:57 06/12/2017
·Study: marine reserves can help mitigate effects of climate change11:54:50 06/09/2017
·Scientists identify most complete hatchling preserved in Burmese amber11:58:32 06/09/2017
·Mexico fines French carmaker Renault for environmental violations11:53:12 06/09/2017
·1st rally for electric vehicles held in Croatia11:50:25 06/08/2017
·International Festival of Technology opens in Netherlands11:53:30 06/08/2017
·Researchers tasked to make artificial intelligence explain itself11:46:49 06/08/2017
·China Focus: Space race or cosmic cooperation? China strongly calls for the latter11:44:33 06/08/2017
·2017 CES Asia held in China's Shanghai11:28:40 06/08/2017
·India launches its heaviest rocket into space16:01:49 06/06/2017
·Apple introduces smart compact music speaker16:07:43 06/06/2017
·New undersea communications cable about to reach Spain15:58:28 06/06/2017

·Chinese submersible Jiaolong dives in Yap Trench17:14:58 06/05/2017
·Robot contest held at Xi'an Jiaotong University17:21:58 06/05/2017
·53-finger robot plays piano with Italian pianist in Tianjin17:20:07 06/05/2017
·Orbital ATK's cargo ship departs space station for in-space fire experiment17:08:05 06/05/2017
·India test-fires all weather tracked-chassis quick reaction surface-to-air missile17:02:14 06/05/2017
·Acidified ocean water found widespread along U.S. West Coast16:58:23 06/05/2017
·SpaceX launches Chinese experiment, other supplies to space station16:56:00 06/05/2017
·Chinese submersible Jiaolong to conduct fifth dive in Mariana Trench11:06:32 06/02/2017
·China's submersible Jiaolong conducts 5th dive in Mariana Trench11:20:42 06/02/2017
·Mini drone "Spark" makes debut in China11:16:50 06/02/2017
·Interview: China-Australia research team develops new software for early cancer detection11:13:37 06/02/2017
·China completes satellite station network11:11:29 06/02/2017
·China supports free flow of information11:10:37 06/02/2017
·Biodiversity under threat in German meadows, pastures: report11:09:51 06/02/2017
·Interview: "The ultimate power is love, not AI": top artificial intelligence expert11:09:01 06/02/2017
·UW researchers build largest circuits in living eukaryotic cells11:55:52 05/31/2017
·Golden monkeys play at research center in central China's Shennongjia12:53:05 05/31/2017
·Xi'an Int'l Robot Carnival attracts many young visitors12:46:43 05/31/2017
·Products, technologies, solutions displayed on SW China's data expo12:41:19 05/31/2017
·Int'l Future Life Festival shows technologies, solutions in Hangzhou12:39:04 05/31/2017

·Systematic excavation of dinosaur fossils launched in NE China12:27:55 05/31/2017
·Aussie scientists find "faceless fish" in world-first survey of deep-sea abyss11:54:10 05/31/2017
·Chinese submersible Jiaolong dives to 6,699 meters in Mariana Trench11:53:30 05/31/2017
·Construction of world's largest optical telescope starts in Chile11:51:58 05/31/2017
·China's space telescope to survey Milky Way11:51:24 05/31/2017
·China's space telescope looking for gravitational wave breakthrough11:50:51 05/31/2017
·Chinese firms develop BeiDou navigation applications11:00:26 05/27/2017
·Hong Kong Int'l Auto Show kicks off11:23:07 05/27/2017
·China Int'l Big Data Expo held in Guiyang11:16:47 05/27/2017
·UC Berkeley roboticists build new nimble-fingered robot11:03:52 05/27/2017
·Young children found able to discern misleading but technically accurate information11:02:56 05/27/2017
·AU experts undergo training in China under Huawei-sponsored program11:02:24 05/27/2017
·DJI announces its first palm-sized drone "Spark" in New York11:53:35 05/25/2017
·Chinese submersible Jiaolong descends to 4,811 meters in Mariana Trench13:19:42 05/24/2017
·CAS research institutes participate "Public Science Day" in China18:04:33 05/22/2017
·News Analysis: A safer cyberspace demands systematic efforts, int'l cooperation17:55:11 05/22/2017
·Activities held across China during National Science and Technology Week18:02:11 05/22/2017
·Spotlight: WannaCry attacks rekindle cyber security concerns with limited loss expected17:59:32 05/22/2017
·Crowdsourcing software developed to convene on-demand "flash organizations"17:58:53 05/22/2017
·Stanford researchers push forward quantum computing research17:58:01 05/22/2017

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