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·China's 1st middle-to-low speed maglev rail line safely operates for 1 year17:16:11 05/10/2017
·Chinese, U.S. scientists make first reversal of pest resistance to GM cotton17:23:53 05/09/2017
·U.S. military's X-37B space plane lands after 2-year secret mission16:26:48 05/08/2017
·Renowned Chinese mathematician dies at 9816:23:00 05/08/2017
·Technique developed for turning Mars or moon rocks into concrete16:20:34 05/08/2017
·Interview: Global warming heats up extreme weather, deteriorates environment: Nobel laureate16:19:03 05/08/2017
·Macao researchers develop room temperature storage technology for stem cell12:19:29 05/05/2017
·Oldest orchid fossil identified in Baltic amber12:22:18 05/05/2017
·Smartphone apps can help tackle anxiety, researchers find12:30:33 05/05/2017
·Global GM crop planting area reaches new high: report12:26:31 05/05/2017
·Unique Pharaonic funerary garden unearthed in Egypt's Luxor12:16:20 05/04/2017
·Dr. Samuel Chao Chung Ting keeps work on scientific research12:23:43 05/04/2017
·Chinese scientists make quantum leap in computing12:09:06 05/04/2017
·More efficient way found to make oil from dead trees: study12:12:45 05/04/2017
·Chinese scientists find new process in cell differentiation12:11:58 05/04/2017
·Study: organic carbon can resist breakdown in underground environment12:10:44 05/04/2017
·New research to protect eagles from wind turbines12:06:07 05/04/2017
·48th Offshore Technology Conference kicks off in Houston11:05:48 05/03/2017
·Chinese submersible retrieves seamount sample in South China Sea12:07:07 05/03/2017
·G-Festival of Global Mobile Internet Conference kicks off12:02:20 05/03/2017

·China's cargo spacecraft completes in-orbit refueling11:57:44 05/03/2017
·Deforestation threatens lots of animals with extinction: Australian research13:11:15 05/02/2017
·SpaceX delays launch for classified U.S. gov't payload13:19:09 05/02/2017
·Chinese submersible Jiaolong completes second dive in South China Sea11:42:54 04/28/2017
·New game speeds up neuroscience research process13:16:13 05/02/2017
·China's Long March-5 Y2 carrier rocket arrives at launch site13:14:43 05/02/2017
·Int'l nano-science conference to be held in Iran next week13:13:55 05/02/2017
·NASA's Cassini sends back data from its first dive between Saturn and its rings13:12:37 05/02/2017
·Exhibition of Global Mobile Internet Conference held in Beijing11:53:21 04/28/2017
·In pics: Wind power generation project in north China11:49:38 04/28/2017
·China's naval fleet drills in Western Pacific11:39:49 04/28/2017
·China's cargo spacecraft completes in-orbit refueling11:38:26 04/28/2017
·China Focus: Chinese submersible Jiaolong conducts South China Sea dive11:36:07 04/28/2017
·Feature: This Chinese robot could revolutionize journalism17:03:24 04/27/2017
·Electric shuttle bus made by CIMC Airport Facilities tested in Hebei17:12:13 04/27/2017
·Interview: Artificial intelligence to interconnect islands of automation: expert17:28:48 04/27/2017
·Plant factory in SE China adopts intelligent control system17:07:20 04/27/2017
·Over 1,200 Chinese firms show products at Hanover Messe 201712:05:12 04/26/2017
·"Gravitational lensing" helps discovery of rare supernova11:50:07 04/25/2017
·Over 6,500 exhibitors present technologies at Germany's Hanover Messe11:56:27 04/25/2017

·Denmark launches science festival for wider public engagement11:52:49 04/25/2017
·China unveils results of first geoinformation survey11:40:01 04/25/2017
·China experiments human stem cells in cargo spacecraft11:38:20 04/25/2017
·Int'l coalition set up to promote space cooperation10:40:07 04/24/2017
·Opening ceremony of Hanover Messe 2017 held in Germany11:00:29 04/24/2017
·China Adolescent Robotics Competition Chongqing District Qualifications kicks off10:51:24 04/24/2017
·China's first cargo spacecraft successfully docks with space lab10:49:11 04/24/2017
·China, Canada to create joint research center for future energy and environment18:27:08 04/21/2017
·Sony announces most advanced full-frame mirrorless camera A911:14:17 04/20/2017
·China to launch first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-111:28:24 04/20/2017
·Two crested ibis chicks hatched in SW China breeding center11:22:09 04/20/2017
·Backgrounder: China's space expedition11:26:22 04/20/2017
·Video shows how blue whales pick, choose meals before feeding11:01:19 04/19/2017
·Interview: Nokia' Siilasmaa ready to work with Chinese partners on innovation11:17:24 04/19/2017
·New wearable sensor can analyze your sweat for disease11:36:36 04/18/2017
·Pakistani couple cultivate rapeseed flowers in 13 colors in E China17:35:21 04/18/2017
·U.S. researchers develop 3D-printed patch that could help heal "broken" heart11:30:51 04/17/2017
·Tourists in Hangzhou use mobile phones to pay all costs12:16:49 04/17/2017
·China's Space Day celebrations centered in Xi'an11:40:11 04/18/2017
·Hong Kong Electronics Fair kicks off12:44:30 04/14/2017

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