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·SpaceX Dragon arrives at space station: NASA16:41:09 08/17/2017
·Autonomous marine vehicle project gets U.S. gov't funding16:40:33 08/17/2017
·Rice researchers find new material with promising future16:39:56 08/17/2017
·Mice study shows potential of protein hormone as cognition enhancer15:25:56 08/16/2017
·SpaceX launches cargo to space station, lands rocket on solid ground15:37:13 08/15/2017
·China's Discovery ROV collects samples in western Pacific Ocean15:35:23 08/15/2017
·Annual Lego Brick Expo attracts visitors in Australia12:47:26 08/15/2017
·Chinese-made motor cars exhibited in Indonesia Int'l Auto Show11:12:35 08/15/2017
·Study: deep sleep reinforces learning of motor skills15:49:00 08/14/2017
·China Focus: Quantum communication experiments lead China's sci-tech innovation15:47:18 08/14/2017
·First supercomputer to be delivered to space station next week15:46:33 08/14/2017
·2016 confirmed as hottest year on record globally: report15:45:45 08/14/2017
·Spotlight: In breakthrough, scientists eliminate dangerous viruses in live pigs through gene editing15:45:04 08/14/2017
·U.S. researchers seek partners for water quality sensor15:43:17 08/14/2017
·2017 Yinchuan int'l automobile expo held in Ningxia15:40:56 08/14/2017
·Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual show opens15:38:31 08/14/2017
·China's satellite sends unbreakable cipher from space15:43:31 08/10/2017
·Control center resolves over 10 major satellite faults in 50 years15:41:49 08/10/2017
·Bioengineers crowdsourcing virtual competitors for better models of body movement15:41:13 08/10/2017
·Researchers try to control defects by growing atom-thin sheets on cones15:40:33 08/10/2017

·Analysis links sleep disorders of pregnant women to preterm birth15:39:57 08/10/2017
·9th China Int'l Exhibition of Road Security Products starts in Nanjing13:05:50 08/10/2017
·China to host World robotics conference11:46:19 08/09/2017
·Surprise: Wild bees thrive after severe forest fires11:44:47 08/09/2017
·Spotlight: Mobike data helps Manchester cycle into future11:44:11 08/09/2017
·Grey-necked bunting bird species seen at Qinghai Lake reserve11:43:13 08/09/2017
·Certain "cool roof" materials could slightly increase regional air pollution: U.S. study15:58:44 08/08/2017
·China to build first Mars simulation base15:56:37 08/08/2017
·Observatory at forefront of space exploration wins place on Britain's national heritage list15:56:03 08/08/2017
·Rare ants discovered in south China15:55:31 08/08/2017
·Giant mushroom discovered in southwest China15:54:43 08/08/2017
·To cool planet, researchers propose spraying particles into marine clouds15:54:11 08/08/2017
·Chinese scholar retracts paper from Nature Biotechnology12:57:39 08/04/2017
·Aussie trapdoor spider may have migrated from Africa on ocean junk: research12:56:08 08/04/2017
·Proposed wall along U.S.-Mexico border puts endangered species at risk12:55:40 08/04/2017
·Heat waves expected to surpass fatal level in South Asia by 2100: study12:55:09 08/04/2017
·1,225 national-level high and new technology enterprises set in Xiamen12:15:08 08/04/2017
·UC Berkeley to host conference on gene-editing technology17:42:14 08/02/2017
·Researchers in U.S., China use phage-enhanced nanoparticles to kill bacteria17:48:29 08/02/2017
·New research identifies mechanism behind exotic traits in crystalline semiconductor17:47:45 08/02/2017

·World's first panda cub born to captive and wild parents17:47:09 08/02/2017
·100-mln-year-old dinosaur footprint fossils discovered in east China17:44:29 08/02/2017
·Hong Kong's giant panda has pregnancy symptoms17:43:55 08/02/2017
·"Ghost Telephonist" lets hackers take over your phone number18:04:53 07/31/2017
·Study: Vitamin E-deficient embryos cognitively impaired18:01:46 07/31/2017
·Harbin int'l automobile expo kicks off in NE China18:01:14 07/31/2017
·Spotlight: Should we worry about AI?12:23:03 07/28/2017
·Iran successfully sends space-launch vehicle12:19:40 07/28/2017
·Students selected as museum guides to popularize scientific knowledge12:14:16 07/28/2017
·China Digital Entertainment Expo kicks off in Shanghai11:20:37 07/28/2017
·Study of bird songs provide insight into how developing brain forms memories12:38:38 07/27/2017
·The moon's interior may contain water: U.S. researchers12:36:30 07/27/2017
·Holograms may help search for life signs in space: new study15:07:58 07/26/2017
·Chinese scientists make new breakthrough in quantum communication15:11:21 07/26/2017
·China contributes one fifth of the world's computer science papers15:10:36 07/26/2017
·Unstoppable rise of Chinese unicorn15:09:46 07/26/2017
·College students bring textbooks to life with AR technology13:21:30 07/26/2017
·China to build near-space airborne mobile Wi-Fi hub with solar drones13:17:38 07/26/2017
·Leading Australian university, Microsoft join forces in quantum computing research13:15:43 07/26/2017
·Scientists exploring new methods to tackle space junk11:48:37 07/25/2017

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