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·Gaza college students make first solar car13:04:28 08/20/2016
·Apple CEO: Nothing will eclipse smartphone any time soon12:15:02 08/17/2016
·China Exclusive: Quantum teleportation - reaching for the stars?12:15:14 08/17/2016
·SpaceX lands rocket on droneship again after satellite launch12:03:30 08/15/2016
·Apple market share slips behind Huawei, Xiaomi12:38:10 08/12/2016
·China launches first mobile telecom satellite12:42:06 08/06/2016
·Magic species: 17-year cicadas in northeast U.S.18:45:38 07/18/2016
·China's Jinko Solar among int'l firms helping Mexico reach clean energy goals12:53:44 07/15/2016
·MEPs adopt 1st EU-wide cyber security law16:46:55 07/07/2016
·NASA's Juno spacecraft getting close to Jupiter15:20:08 07/04/2016
·New automatic pollinating robot created in Poland15:28:03 06/30/2016
·U.S. cargo ship completes 5th space station resupply mission18:26:07 06/23/2016
·Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for 26.2 billion USD16:15:56 06/14/2016
·Number of exoplanets doubles as NASA confirms 1,284 new worlds16:13:28 05/11/2016
·China launches SJ-10 retrievable space science probe11:24:53 04/06/2016
·NASA's Kepler sees first "shock breakout" in exploding star10:19:21 03/22/2016
·Apple fights back in court, refusing to hack into iPhone for FBI11:03:00 02/26/2016
·Huawei launches new 2-in-1 style laptop at Barcelona Congress10:39:17 02/23/2016
·Scientists detect gravitational waves 100 years after Einstein's prediction17:18:48 02/12/2016
·IFPDA Print Fair attracts crowds in NYC18:37:49 11/06/2015

·Inside look at new products launched by Apple16:18:06 09/10/2015
·July the hottest month on record: NOAA16:33:17 08/21/2015
·NASA's planet-hunting Kepler Telescope spots Earth's close cousin10:48:21 07/24/2015
·Africa's largest transport exhibition kicks off16:21:43 07/01/2015
·Alibaba steps up overseas investment16:01:26 05/11/2015
·Alibaba names new CEO to drive expansion after revenue up 45%18:42:32 05/08/2015
·Apple watch available to pre-order Friday in U.S.19:12:20 04/10/2015
·China launches upgraded satellite16:23:39 03/31/2015
·NASA chooses boulder-grabbing option for asteroid redirect mission17:16:39 03/26/2015
·Jiaolong Concludes Indian Ocean Expedition18:33:53 03/18/2015
·Apple unveiled first wearable watch11:51:37 03/10/2015
·Swedish researcher may discover clues about dark matter17:36:09 02/27/2015
·Huawei, Orange present Car Wi-Fi system in Spain17:55:27 02/17/2015
·Children’s drawings indicate intelligence in later life: study18:08:17 08/20/2014
·SpaceX launches first deep space mission, rocket softly lands on ocean17:45:46 02/12/2015
·Researchers reveal genetics of horse domestication18:00:58 12/16/2014
·EU reduces fishing limits for endangered Baltic cod: media18:24:03 08/06/2014
·Ancient fresh water lake found on Mars17:28:12 12/10/2013
·Banned Chinese researchers get clarification letter from NASA conference15:12:54 10/20/2013
·Banned Chinese researchers get clarification letter from NASA conference14:54:24 10/20/2013

·Scientists detect magmatic water on Moon's surface12:03:34 08/28/2013
·New H7N7 bird flu strain found in chickens in China: study11:53:22 08/22/2013
·NASA ends attempts to fix Kepler spacecraft15:50:06 08/16/2013
·Zoroastrian tombs found in Xinjiang15:52:37 08/16/2013
·Historic space lecture in Tiangong-1 commences12:40:12 06/20/2013
·Climate change threatens many "safe species": study15:52:49 06/25/2013
·NASA selects 8 new astronauts for space exploration17:53:18 06/18/2013
·Jiaolong submersible ready for voyage10:56:10 06/09/2013
·Shenzhou-10 spacecraft to be launched in mid-June17:06:38 06/03/2013
·Boeing's supersonic passenger plane15:50:32 05/13/2013
·Newly-discovered comet on way to inner solar system12:00:15 04/24/2013
·NASA's asteroid tracking sensor passes key test13:08:12 04/16/2013
·China launches communications satellite11:12:58 05/02/2013
·Members of new ISS mission approved15:51:39 03/28/2013
·Archeologists to resume excavation of mongoloid human bones in Indonesia13:14:14 03/09/2013
·China's first jumbo jet to debut in 201413:14:17 03/09/2013
·China's fourth space launch center to be in use in two years13:14:20 03/09/2013
·India's atomic research centre developing world's largest magnet13:14:23 03/09/2013
·U.S. Mars rover back to active status13:14:27 03/09/2013
·New Chinese fossil discovery named Luanchuan Man13:14:30 03/09/2013

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