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·Robots set to displace millions of U.S. jobs: economist11:16:06 07/11/2017
·Feature: VR technology takes Chinese on tour of Ecuador's Galapagos11:14:46 07/11/2017
·New fish species found in South America, named after Irish singer Enya11:14:09 07/11/2017
·Sea spiders pump oxygen with guts, not hearts: study11:13:36 07/11/2017
·Study details humpback whales flipper flapping like penguins11:12:59 07/11/2017
·Feature: A life of quantum entanglement11:12:22 07/11/2017
·OSU researchers survey sea floor animals for offshore renewable energy16:50:02 07/10/2017
·Study reveals cause for Earth's magnetic field "wobble"16:46:27 07/10/2017
·Stanford team in search of copper catalyst to make ethanol without corn16:45:37 07/10/2017
·Occultation data shows new mysteries surround New Horizons' second flyby target16:45:01 07/10/2017
·China develops sea launches to boost space commerce16:44:27 07/10/2017
·China important AI professionals' destination: report16:43:37 07/10/2017
·Study identifies primitive galaxy stripped of gas needed to form stars11:28:10 07/07/2017
·U.S. researchers identify krill "hotspot" in Antarctic region12:06:23 07/06/2017
·Study assigns risk levels to 25 mutations associated with breast, ovarian cancer12:03:03 07/06/2017
·U.S. researchers reveal secret of ancient Roman marine concrete12:02:32 07/06/2017
·"Near-zero-power" temperature sensor could power more energy-efficient wearable devices12:01:31 07/06/2017
·UC Berkeley experiments link sense of smell to metabolism12:00:59 07/06/2017
·Study links high pregnancy failure in endangered whales to nutritional stress11:58:49 07/06/2017
·1st CPEC major energy project inaugurated to benefit 10 mln locals13:17:07 07/04/2017

·"Bee-vision" could change way drones see the world: Australian study13:15:25 07/04/2017
·UN body provides new farming techniques for Myanmar to address climate change13:14:49 07/04/2017
·Study: test able to identify breast cancer patients with lowest risk of death13:14:16 07/04/2017
·Climate change creating new ice-free areas in Antarctica, biodiversity at risk: scientists13:13:37 07/04/2017
·Earth-based telescope helping guide Juno spacecraft through Jupiter exploration13:07:09 07/04/2017
·World Intelligence Congress focuses on AI12:14:22 06/30/2017
·Inside 21st China Int'l Software Exposition12:24:22 06/30/2017
·Yuanwang-3 completes ship check mission, ready for Chang'e-5 lunar probe launch12:12:15 06/30/2017
·Israel thwarts major cyberattack: official12:11:36 06/30/2017
·More cooperation proposed on geographical indications12:10:19 06/30/2017
·Secrets of prehistoric Avebury Circle revealed almost 80 years after research began12:09:36 06/30/2017
·Study identifies rare cells as sensors in gut for nervous system12:07:51 06/30/2017
·UW researchers invent microscope to scan tumors during surgery11:49:32 06/29/2017
·UC Berkeley researchers reconstruct whisker map of mouse11:47:25 06/29/2017
·Robotic gripper developed in U.S. for cleaning up space debris11:46:36 06/29/2017
·Disrupting insects' sense of smell could save crops, human lives: study12:19:29 06/28/2017
·NASA says no pending announcement on alien life11:46:14 06/28/2017
·How ancient cats colonize world11:45:10 06/28/2017
·Research reveals two black holes moving in relation to each other11:43:52 06/28/2017
·Scientists warn rate of sea level rises over past 25 years has doubled: study11:43:02 06/28/2017

·Cellular guillotine created for studying single-cell wound repair15:51:15 06/27/2017
·SpaceX successfully completes back-to-back launches in 48 hours16:09:27 06/27/2017
·Feature: Cuba's biotech industry expands through decades of innovation, overseas exploration16:05:43 06/27/2017
·India launches 31 satellites in single space mission15:59:42 06/27/2017
·Traveling museum "Tunnel of Science" opens to public in Ecuador15:56:07 06/27/2017
·Bolivia, China sign science cooperation agreement15:46:47 06/27/2017
·Armenia, China to cooperate in field of seismic security15:46:08 06/27/2017
·U.S. social media networks, Microsoft join hands to fight against terrorism15:45:35 06/27/2017
·Aussie researchers make breakthrough in development of drought-resistant crops15:45:03 06/27/2017
·Satellite technology to be used in fight against illegal fishing: scientists15:44:30 06/27/2017
·Kidney-on-a-chip to help study, treat kidney conditions16:19:20 06/23/2017
·Traveling museum "Tunnel of Science" opens to public in Ecuador17:38:31 06/23/2017
·Gateway' 17 conference held by Alibaba in Detroit17:34:43 06/23/2017
·Scientific expedition conducted on Qinghai-Tibet plateau17:29:24 06/23/2017
·Tiny fossils expand amphibious timeline by 15 million years11:38:15 06/22/2017
·China to compile historical data about South China Sea11:36:40 06/22/2017
·NASA's rover traces diverse environments on Mars11:36:07 06/22/2017
·China's cutting-edge technology unveiled at Paris Air Show18:12:05 06/20/2017
·China's two supercomputers still world's fastest as U.S. squeezed out of 3rd place17:28:08 06/20/2017
·Pulsed volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of dinosaurs: study17:17:41 06/20/2017

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