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Hottest night markets in China
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-August-11 10:07:19

Night markets are generally dedicated to more leisurely strolling, shopping, and eating than more businesslike day markets. Some people say strolling in the night market is the best way to know a city, and other people say that night markets lead directly to the "stomach" of a city. Therefore, to visit the local night markets is many people's choice when touring through a city.

Beijing Dong Hua Men Night Market

Located at west of Wang Fu Jing Avenue, Dong Hua Men Night Market is the largest in Beijing. Dozens of food stalls are lined next to one another with a whole lot of food for fairly inexpensive prices. They all have their prices mentioned in the price list in front of the stall, which makes it easy for you to move on to another stall in case you don't want spend the amount of money written in the price list of one stall.

In fact, the food items can also be bargained if there are lesser people in the stall. Some of the other food items available include snakes, scorpions, bijingmuo, beef on a stick and so on. The taste of the food is mostly good and people have it with great delight.

Food delicacies: baodu (quick-fried tripe), stinky tofu, mutton kebab, Bing Tang Hu Lu (candied haws on a stick), deep fried crickets, silk worm, centipede, octopus tentacles and scorpions, chicken hearts, cow stomach, spring rolls, dumplings, crab cakes and candy fruit etc.

Adjacent street: Wangfujing Street is a modern commercial street which also reflects the old Beijing. Visitors can buy traditional folk handicrafts, various forms of folk crafts and souvenirs in the street.

Other night markets in Beijing: Sanlitun, Guijie

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