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Service Upgrades City Image
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-September-8 11:01:53

The successful holding of the first China-Eurasia Expo not only helps speed up the circulation of logistics, capital and information, but also upgrades Urumqi's social civilization through various people oriented services offered to visitors.

Promoted by the expo economy, Urumqi city has seen great changes. It is clean and beautiful decorated with flowers, and one's travel also becomes easier with the newly operated BRT. Besides, the night scenery is amazing with colorful shining lights. Citizens here feel proud of living in such a modern city with improved infrastructure and better environment.


"The design is humanized. I think it is an upgrade of Xinjiang's civilization. As a Xinjiang native, I feel very proud."

The people oriented services during the Expo made domestic and foreign participants, as well as visitors feel the hospitality of XJ people. The Expo totally received 310,000 visitors, with more than 60,000 per day. To meet the demand of visitors, the regulation on ticket buying with ID card was cancled, the exhibition center's closing time was prolonged, and more security check passages and volunteers were added to serve visitors.


"I appreciated the volunteers' help. They are very hospitable, and work really hard."

While helping visitors enter the center easily, other services including offering meal, drink and setting places for rest were also provided and added. 


"The expo made many humanized arrangements based on visitors' demand. It's good."


"It's my first time to visit Xinjiang. To hold such a big event is not easy. I will attend the expo next year."


"It has been very worthwhile to come here.I think quite nice exhibits."  

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