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Teleconference On Polio Control
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-September-9 11:28:06

On Wednesday afternoon, Xinjiang held a teleconference on Hotan polio prevention and control. The conference earnestly analyzed and deployed the work on prevention and control for the imported wild virus of polio.

Cheng Zhu,minister of Health and Nuer Baikeli, deputy secretary of CPC Xinjiang Committee, chairman of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region addressed at the conference.

Since mid July this year, the imported wild polio virus has been found in XJ's Hotan Prefecture. It posed a threat to  XJ people's health. Under the care of CPC central committee and the State Council, XJ immediately launched the second-level emergency response. Now, the prevention and control work has seen initial results.

Cheng Zhu said that, the experience of the world and China shows that, polio can be controlled with comprehensive measures, such as strengthening immunization. He urged governments at all levels to ensure the emergency immunization.
Nuer Baikeli required that, the concerned departments should prevent and control polio under the technical support from the experts who come to XJ for polio prevention.

Xinjiang will implement two times polio immunization from Sep. 8th to 12th and Oct. 8th to 12th. All children under 15-year-old in Hotan, Kashgar, Kizilsu, Aksu, Bayangol and Urumqi should take vaccine. While in other places of XJ, the children under 5-year-old should take vaccine.

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