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Cons. For BRT 2 Underway
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-October-10 10:52:34

When BRT1 and BRT3 of Urumqi City are making preparations for the dropping temperature, the 12-km BRT2 has started construction and will be finished before Oct.31st.

Buses under BRT2 system will run the routes of No.1 and No.101 bus, starting from Maofangchang and ending at Santunbei, via West Bajiahu, Youhao, People's square and some other stops. The total length of the route is 12.1 km back and 12.8 km forth.


"BRT2 will share some stops same with those of BRT1 and BRT3. So it only needs to build five new pairs of stops, and are also equipped with warm houses."

The five pairs of BRT2 will be on one side of the road. Buses under BRT1 system and BRT3 system only have doors on one side, so  Urumqi Municipal government will buy some BRT buses with doors on both sides. The stops will be constructed at nights, so as not to influence traffic. Now all the projects are under smooth progress.

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