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Livelihood Projects Benefit People
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-October-11 12:42:42

Since the 7th Party Congress of CPC XJ committee, especially after the central government's conference on XJ's work,Xinjiang has strengthened people's livelihood projects to enable them a happier life.

Xinjiang people have benefited a lot due to the preferential policies over the past years. The minimum wages standard and minimum living subsidy have been raised. Retirees have more income now.

Urban and rural residents have enjoyed the new type endowment insurance and basic medicare. The reconstruction of low-conditioned areas has been accelerated. 1.2 mln rural  residents have got access to safe drinking water and seniors aged over 80 can have basic living subsidy and free physical checkup. And the natural gas project is also launched in south Xinjiang.

The spending on people's livelihood projects was 94.86 bln yuan in 2009, while the figure reached 119.8 bln yuan in 2010, and it will top 140 bln yuan in 2011.

Presently the resettlement projects have started for 223,000 farmer households and 13,000 herding families. Besides, 27 hydraulic projects also have started construction. Projects of 61,000 sets of low-rent houses and reconstruction for 51,700 sets of dilapidated houses have started. In addition, 643 rural road projects have been under construction, with the total mileage of 5,899 km.

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