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More Investment In People's Livelihood
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-October-17 11:24:32

Since the 7th party congress of CPC XJ Committee was held, especially after the central government's conference on Xinjiang's work, CPC Xinjiang Committee and Xinjiang government put great efforts to improve people's livelihood. Some key policies were staged out and more subsidies were given to solve the problems related to people's livelihood. XJ finance subsidized people's livelihood construction with 119.8 billion Yuan in 2010, and it is expected to surpass 140 billion Yuan this year. Merely from Jan. to Aug. this year, XJ has invested 104.2 billion Yuan in people's livelihood construction.

Xinjiang enhances the resettlement projects for farmers and herdsmen, and the government-subsidized housing projects to solve the living and production problems for urban and rural people. At Sarkum New Village of Kositek Township in Burqin County, Altay Prefecture, rows of news houses attract the eye of reporters.


" After settlement, we have rich and colorful cultural life. We will have a better life with good policies."

Besides, the local government guides herdsmen to change their mind to raise livestock in pens, make national embroidery works, and run tour business to get rich.

Between 2011 to 2015, Xinjiang plans to finish resettlement construction for no less than 1.5 million farmer households, and complete resettlement projects for 144,400 herding families by 2018.

Financial support is the strong force for social security. From this July 1st, Xinjiang launched the pilot work of new-type rural endowment insurance in 36 non-operated counties, so far the system has covered all counties across Xinjiang, one year ahead of other provinces in China.

As CPC Xinjiang Committee and Xinjiang government give priority to people's livelihood construction, the basic endowment insurance for about 300,000 retirees of collective enterprises in Xinjiang is solved. In the meantime, Xinjiang has set up living subsidy and free physical check-up system for seniors aged 80, given support to social welfare infrastructure construction, implemented projects for disabled and medical assistance for children with congenital heart disease and promoted employment.   


"Along with the increasing financial revenue, it is no doubt that more investment will be poured into people's livelihood construction."        

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