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XJ Improves People's Living Conditiongs
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-October-19 12:03:46

In the years after the 7th Party Congress of CPC XJ Committee, especially after the central government's conference on Xinjiang's work, XJ continuously attached great importance to improve and guarantee people's livelihood. The resettlement projects, and all kinds of government-subsidized houses are under rapid construction. People's living conditions have noticeable improvement.

Guliziya is a villager in kezilehaying village, Qiba'er Township, Habahe County. Benefiting from the good policies of resettlement project, she moved into a new house by only 18,000 yuan of expenditure. Her children can go to school nearby, and she can do business at the resettlement site.


" I opened a shop, and a tea restaurant. By this way, I can earn more income."

In the construction, in Liangfanzhongxin Village of Fukang City set a high starting point while programming. Villagers can get 300 yuan per square meter subsidy on housing, and 80,000 yuan loan with interest subsidy. Before late October, 108 households villagers can move into villas.


" The area of our villa is 177 square meters. We paid 50,000 yuan in advance."

In urban areas, the government-subsidized houses let more low-income families have places to live. During the 11th 5-Year Plan, XJ totally invested 16.75 billion yuan in housing construction or reconstruction. The newly constructed and purchased low rent houses was 170,000 sets, covering an area of 8.5 million square meters, and public rental houses, 12,000 sets and 650,000 square meters. The reconstructed houses in low-conditioned areas reached 70,000 sets, covering an area of 6.56 million square meters. The subsidy released to low rent houses reached 300 million yuan.

This year, XJ aims to finish the construction of 340,000 government-subsidized houses. Till Oct. 15, 283,000 houses had been started construction.

In the 12th 5-Year Plan, XJ plans to make 1.5 million households herdsmen get resettlement.  It's estimated that over 10 million people will get benefit.

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