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Officials Visit Quake Victims In Fest
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2011-November-8 11:55:46

Zhang Chunxian, secretary of CPC Xinjiang Committee celebrates the Korban Festival with the Mulsim earthquake victims. He went to the disaster-hit areas in Ili Prefecture and visited the people on Monday. 

In Akjiazi Village of Aktubek Township, Gongliu County, 70-year-old villager Muhaxi said that village officials came to his house immediately after the earthquake, and organized them to relocate. Soon after that,officials from the township, county and prefecture all came to help the disaster-hit people. They also brought materials for festival use.

Zhang Chunxian said that the primary work now is to make proper arrangement for the quake victims, and enable them have food and places to live.

Zhang Chunxian and his delegation went to Karabura Township in Xinyuan County. A temporary settlement spot for the disaster-hit people was set up in a school. The greeting "Happy Korban Festival" on the blackboard adds festive air to the temporary dwelling.

In Kashi Township of Ining County, Zhang Chunxian asked about the people's life after the earthquake and sent his greetings to them.


Let's unite together, help each other and rebuild the homestead into a more beautiful place, and let everyone live a better life.

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