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·More Govt-Subsidized Houses In XJ12:24:32 11/09/2011
·Culture Highlight In Urbanization12:24:26 11/09/2011
·All Quake Victims Get Relocated12:24:20 11/09/2011
·Officials Visit Quake Victims In Fest11:55:46 11/08/2011
·Festival In New House11:55:43 11/08/2011
·China to build bustling border towns in Xinjiang11:52:01 11/08/2011
·Chinese vice premier attends reception celebrating Islamic Corban Festival11:52:14 11/08/2011
·Chinese Muslims celebrate Corban Festival11:52:20 11/08/2011
·Disaster Relief Continues In Ili11:45:32 11/04/2011
·Cultural Activities Benefit People11:45:36 11/04/2011
·China initiates third-class emergency response for moderate quake in Xinjiang16:40:34 11/03/2011
·Solar-powered TVs sent to herdsmen in Xinjiang16:40:29 11/03/2011
·People's Expectation For Better Life11:53:50 10/31/2011
·Urumqi greets 1st snow10:49:15 10/31/2011
·School bus collides with van, injuring 19 in Xinjiang12:54:27 10/28/2011
·Promotion Of One-Card-Pass System10:41:32 10/24/2011
·China's Xinjiang steps up polio vaccinations10:22:47 10/24/2011
·Vagrant children returning home10:22:39 10/24/2011
·Old city zone renovation in Kashgar, China's Xinjiang10:22:35 10/24/2011
·More Investment In Social Welfare10:47:51 10/21/2011

·Medical Care System In Progress15:52:47 10/20/2011
·Services To Farmers Activity Concludes15:52:50 10/20/2011
·Long hair contest held in Xinjiang16:40:19 10/19/2011
·Giant dates wow visitors at Zepu Date Fest16:32:41 10/19/2011
·XJ Improves People's Living Conditiongs12:03:46 10/19/2011
·Charity puts a big smile on children's faces12:37:48 10/18/2011
·Xinjiang to hold Int'l Reed Catkins Festival12:37:44 10/18/2011
·5.0-magnitude quake jolts China's Xinjiang12:09:25 10/17/2011
·More Investment In People's Livelihood11:24:32 10/17/2011
·Discount Air Ticket Promoted11:24:23 10/17/2011
·Xinjiang-bound plane lands after bomb scare17:15:31 10/14/2011
·All-Round Devt Of Social Undertakings11:26:38 10/14/2011
·Enrich People's Cultural Life11:26:35 10/14/2011
·Heat Supply Started Beforehand11:26:31 10/14/2011
·Heavy snow shuts down highways in NW China12:35:40 10/13/2011
·Infrastructure Cons. Benefits People10:58:09 10/13/2011
·Meeting To Solicit Opinions10:57:57 10/13/2011
·Hydraulic Projects Benefit People10:54:24 10/12/2011
·Measures To Cope With Cold Current12:42:38 10/11/2011
·Livelihood Projects Benefit People12:42:42 10/11/2011

·Cons. For BRT 2 Underway10:52:34 10/10/2011
·Traditional Uygur therapy facilitates drug rehab in Xinjiang18:00:46 10/09/2011
·Teleconference On Social Management11:23:40 09/29/2011
·Kids With Amblyopia To Get Treatment10:14:32 09/21/2011
·XJ People's Happy Life09:55:07 09/20/2011
·Ethnic groups cross-straits celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Ethnic Games10:08:59 09/13/2011
·Teleconference On Polio Control11:28:06 09/09/2011
·Sandstorms hamper highway traffic in NW China10:09:20 09/09/2011
·River overflow forces evacuation of local residents in N.W. China10:08:59 09/09/2011
·Flood forces evacuation of residents in Xinjiang10:08:52 09/09/2011
·Service Upgrades City Image11:01:53 09/08/2011
·Employment Service Month Activity Starts11:01:49 09/08/2011
·Employment Service Month Activity Starts11:01:49 09/08/2011
·Xinjiang offers subsidies to offset inflation11:12:23 08/30/2011
·NW China's Xinjiang launches BRT bus service11:12:16 08/30/2011
·91B Yuan On People's Livelihood11:27:14 08/18/2011
·Income Raises For Special Post Workers10:10:35 08/15/2011
·Income Raises For Special Post Workers10:10:35 08/15/2011
·21 injured after 5.8-magnitude earthquake jolts Xinjiang10:03:06 08/15/2011
·Disaster relief works implemented after earthquake hits Xinjiang10:03:02 08/15/2011

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