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·Chasing goal of soccer stardom10:03:20 08/15/2011
·Vagrant kids get a new start10:49:11 08/10/2011
·Youngsters with eye disorders get help10:49:02 08/10/2011
·Govt-Subsidized Houses Under Cons.10:05:37 08/10/2011
·Meeting On Devt And Stability10:05:07 08/10/2011
·Xinjiang top official vows crackdown on extremists09:56:46 08/09/2011
·Xinjiang bolsters combat against religious extremists09:56:56 08/09/2011
·County-Level Election Starts10:45:12 08/08/2011
·Price Is Controlable In XJ10:44:57 08/08/2011
·Volunteers head to Xinjiang Uygur region09:24:27 08/08/2011
·Children grateful for heart surgery, chance to travel09:24:05 08/08/2011
·Children grateful for heart surgery, chance to travel09:24:05 08/08/2011
·Gathering for youth and children09:23:45 08/08/2011
·Anti-Terrorism Work Conf. Held09:53:44 08/05/2011
·Chinese state councilor vows to crack down on terrorists09:49:14 08/05/2011
·Attacks can’t stop tourists to Xinjiang, say officials09:48:48 08/05/2011
·Crackdown on crimes pledged09:48:38 08/05/2011
·Attacks slowing tourism in Kashgar09:48:33 08/05/2011
·Terror victims recovering from mental trauma10:25:43 08/04/2011
·New horizon for Urumqi's slum areas10:25:39 08/04/2011

·Sandstorm strikes NW China10:20:00 08/04/2011
·Crackdown On Terrorism11:20:26 08/03/2011
·More People Get Employed11:20:21 08/03/2011
·Imam condemns attacks in Kashgar09:37:26 08/03/2011
·Xinjiang gov't chief pledges severe crackdown in wake of bloody attacks09:37:21 08/03/2011
·Xinjiang attacks masterminded by overseas-trained terrorists: government09:37:17 08/03/2011
·Xinjiang attacks masterminded by terrorists10:18:37 08/02/2011
·Xinjiang identifies terror organization10:18:34 08/02/2011
·Xinjiang children enjoy summer camp in Beijing10:18:30 08/02/2011
·Fight against terrorism10:18:26 08/02/2011
·Meeting On Social Stability09:46:04 08/02/2011
·Army Day Celebrated09:45:53 08/02/2011
·18 killed in Xinjiang weekend violence10:11:24 08/01/2011
·Cappet Weaving Enriches People10:47:14 07/26/2011
·Govt-Subsidized Houses Under Cons.10:47:11 07/26/2011
·Xinjiang Int'l Folk Dance Festival held in Urumqi09:22:20 07/26/2011
·5.2-magnitude quake hits Xinjiang09:52:02 07/25/2011
·Xinjiang to try to stop polio at border09:51:59 07/25/2011
·Xinjiang rural income growth surpasses average level16:31:40 07/22/2011
·More People Can Apply Houses10:25:51 07/20/2011

·Meeting On Family Planning10:25:37 07/20/2011
·XJ Leaders Visit Returning Vagrant Children10:17:41 07/19/2011
·1.2M People To Drink Safe Water10:15:09 07/18/2011
·Xinjiang sizzles under fierce sun11:49:12 07/15/2011
·Xinjiang offers living subsidies, free medical checks for senior citizens11:39:47 07/15/2011
·Heat wave scorches NW China's Xinjiang10:09:04 07/14/2011
·Xinjiang to build regional botanic garden10:08:48 07/14/2011
·Xinjiang to build regional botanic garden10:08:48 07/14/2011
·Xinjiang issues heat wave alert10:08:56 07/14/2011
·7,000 rural libraries founded in southern Xinjiang11:11:56 07/13/2011
·CONF. To Release Subsidy11:04:05 07/12/2011
·Tickets For Int'l Dance Fest. To Sell09:53:16 07/11/2011
·Assistance To XJ On Earthquake Resistance10:35:02 07/08/2011
·Medical Assistance Benefits People10:34:56 07/08/2011
·Former shantytown dweller enjoys a new lease on life10:44:45 07/06/2011
·Neighborhood festival in Xinjiang10:44:50 07/06/2011
·Shanty areas replaced by new buildings in Urumqi10:44:30 07/06/2011
·Shopping at International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi17:58:19 07/05/2011
·Couple finds greener pastures in town09:42:57 07/04/2011
·XJ Celbrates Party's 90th ANNI.12:08:21 07/01/2011

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