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·"Make Music New York" festival attracts many locals15:20:14 06/22/2017
·Virag Koroknyai Crowned Miss World Hungary 201715:36:11 06/19/2017
·Dress rehearsal of "A Streetcar Named Desire" staged in Budapest11:09:02 06/16/2017
·People visit exhibition "Carolee Schneemann. Kinetic Painting" in Frankfurt17:03:06 06/15/2017
·Ei Kyawt Khaing wins crown of Miss Myanmar World 201712:35:51 06/12/2017
·Exhibition on marine ecological environment protection held in Slovenia12:23:37 06/09/2017
·Creations of Suzhou embroidery presented in Beijing16:14:02 06/06/2017
·Bread-inspired creations presented at fashion show in Beijing18:02:48 06/05/2017
·Musicians of Moscow military music school take part in street concert11:35:49 06/02/2017
·Children's model contest held in Qingdao17:52:03 05/31/2017
·Film "Amant Double" to screen at 70th Cannes Film Festival16:51:53 05/27/2017
·Film "A Gentle Creature" screened at 70th Cannes Film Festival17:44:36 05/26/2017
·Screening of film "The Beguiled" held at 70th Cannes Film Festival18:52:12 05/25/2017
·Stars attend "70th Anniversary" ceremony of Cannes Film Festival16:40:15 05/24/2017
·Screening of "The Meyerowitz Stories" held at Cannes Int'l Film Festival18:20:36 05/22/2017
·70th Cannes International Film Festival kicks off16:42:44 05/18/2017
·Highlights of China Graduate Fashion Week16:37:33 05/17/2017
·Highlights of China Graduate Fashion Week13:18:52 05/15/2017
·Global premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" held in Shanghai17:01:40 05/12/2017
·Christie's HK Spring Auction to be held from May 26 to 3111:48:36 05/11/2017

·Costume Institute's spring 2017 exhibition held in New York17:26:59 05/10/2017
·Creations by George Keburia presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week16:30:45 05/08/2017
·China's cross talk artists perform in Germany15:36:44 05/02/2017
·Models present creations at Vietnam Int'l Fashion Week11:30:06 04/28/2017
·Highlights of China Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival in Hangzhou17:38:36 04/27/2017
·Giselle to open to public in Singapore12:11:36 04/26/2017
·2017 Chinese Film Festival opens in Budapest, Hungary17:27:34 04/25/2017
·Awarding ceremony of Tiantan Award for BJIFF held in Beijing10:21:47 04/24/2017
·Chinese dancing master Yang Liping performs drama "Peacock of Winter"18:25:00 04/21/2017
·Dress rehearsal of Mozart's "The Magic Flute" staged in Budapest18:31:42 04/20/2017
·Members of Lion attend press conference of new album16:25:42 04/19/2017
·Sino-Foreign Film Co-Production Forum held in Beijing11:33:02 04/18/2017
·Opening ceremony of 7th Beijing Int'l Film Festival kicks off11:37:15 04/17/2017
·Cannes Festival announces 2017 selection of competing films12:21:16 04/14/2017
·Highlights of 36th Hong Kong Film Awards15:37:25 04/10/2017
·Creations presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Slovenia11:46:59 04/06/2017
·Models present creations at Corset fashion contest13:05:54 04/05/2017
·Dress rehearsal of Compromise/150 held in Budapest, Hungary15:24:02 04/01/2017
·Chinese violinist Wang Jiazhi debuts at Carnegie Hall in New York12:48:31 03/30/2017
·Highlights of China Fashion Week13:27:05 03/29/2017

·In pics: EVE CINA collection show at China Fashion Week16:37:32 03/28/2017
·Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters crowned Miss South Africa 201712:00:36 03/27/2017
·Highlight of Bangkok International Fashion Week 201710:54:12 03/24/2017
·Fan Bingbing wins Best Actress of 11th Asian Film Awards11:16:26 03/22/2017
·In pics: highlights of Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 show17:54:20 03/21/2017
·People enjoy Myanmar Int'l Lighting Festival15:54:05 03/20/2017
·Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia F/W 2017 kicks off in Moscow12:00:29 03/17/2017
·Exhibition "Imagine John Lennon" held in Germany12:44:58 03/16/2017
·Models present fashion designs in Beijing18:46:41 03/15/2017
·In pics: Sao Paulo Fashion Week12:15:00 03/14/2017
·"Sing" wins Best Live Action Short Film Award at Oscars13:00:37 03/09/2017
·Models present creations of Chanel in Paris13:10:44 03/08/2017
·Models present creations during fashion week in Paris17:34:17 03/07/2017
·Women's Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter fashion week held in France17:26:13 03/06/2017
·Luis Buchinho creations staged in Paris11:21:21 03/02/2017
·Highlights of Women's Ready-to-Wear fashion week17:01:45 03/01/2017
·Inside press room of 89th Academy Awards13:11:29 02/28/2017
·Stars arrive for red carpet of 89th Academy Awards11:32:56 02/27/2017
·In pics: Preparations for 89th Academy Awards10:41:19 02/24/2017
·Exhibition "Diana: Her Fashion Story" to open to public in London12:56:04 02/23/2017

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