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·Lady Gaga greeted by fans in Japan13:22:33 06/22/2011
·Gucci men's collection highlights Milan Fashion Week16:35:55 06/21/2011
·"Green Lantern (3-D)" dominates Father's Day North America box office11:38:06 06/20/2011
·Stylish creations at Milan Fashion Week13:13:33 06/19/2011
·Jazz Festival kicks off in Malaysia's Kota Kinabalu13:13:33 06/18/2011
·Danny DeVito to receive Critics' Choice TV Icon Award13:13:33 06/17/2011
·Russell Crowe to play Superman's father in "Man of Steel"13:13:33 06/16/2011
·"Klitschko" premieres in Germany13:13:33 06/15/2011
·Lady Gaga performs at gay rights concert in Rome12:06:47 06/13/2011
·"Kung Fu Panda 2" premieres in London12:17:32 06/07/2011
·Hats highlight Rio Fashion Week18:19:25 05/31/2011
·Paeksang Arts Award held in Seoul17:49:50 05/27/2011
·Review of Oprah Show's spectacular moments before big final15:53:18 05/26/2011
·"Kung Fu Panda 2" premieres in Los Angeles18:50:04 05/23/2011
·Arnold Schwarzenegger halts acting career11:33:39 05/20/2011
·Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie dazzle at Cannes "Life" premiere17:23:26 05/17/2011
·"Thor" holds on to top place for 2nd weekend11:05:44 05/16/2011
·U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan pleads no contest to misdemeanor theft charge15:53:24 05/12/2011
·Avril Lavigne holds sole concert in Singapore to promote new album12:17:26 05/10/2011
·"Pirates 4" premieres at Disneyland in California15:35:46 05/09/2011

·Singer Song Zuying to hold first solo concert in Taiwan12:42:42 05/06/2011
·Nominees at 2011 Tony Awards11:03:27 05/05/2011
·Kunqu Opera exhibition held in Beijing10:37:20 05/05/2011
·Celebs arrive at opening of Alexander McQueen's exhibition11:40:33 05/03/2011
·Singer Song Zuying to hold concert in Taipei on Mother's Day11:30:49 05/03/2011
·Star-studded White House Correspondents' Association Dinner10:28:39 05/03/2011
·Midi Music Festival rocks Beijing10:15:50 05/03/2011
·In pictures: precious old photos of British Prince William15:33:15 04/28/2011
·Robert Pattinson promotes "Water for Elephants" in Berlin10:04:21 04/28/2011
·Guess who're coming to royal wedding of Prince William & Kate in UK?11:06:21 04/26/2011
·Cast of co-produced 3D animation 'Wotwots' meet press in Beijing09:53:36 04/26/2011
·Kazakhstan Fashion Week 2011 held in Almaty18:10:39 04/22/2011
·International fashion week kicks off in SE China16:02:00 04/19/2011
·Jennifer Lopez named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful17:06:35 04/14/2011
·Obamas to appear on Oprah12:21:54 04/13/2011
·Russell Brand beats self to reign North America box office16:08:57 04/11/2011
·Chinese fans charmed and puzzled by Bob Dylan at Beijing debut16:09:21 04/07/2011
·Wax figure of U.S. TV host Kelly Ripa unveiled in New York16:01:23 04/06/2011
·Candy dispensers for William & Kate wedding15:50:09 03/31/2011
·Pop band "May Day" launches 3D musical movie15:04:07 03/30/2011

·Wimpy Kid" rules North America box office15:44:16 03/28/2011
·Elizabeth Taylor mourned in Los Angeles11:42:56 03/24/2011
·Asian Film Awards held in Hong Kong16:49:42 03/22/2011
·Charlie Sheen's legal battle with WBTV, Lorre might be private15:38:13 03/17/2011
·Courteney Cox defends estranged hubby, not ready for divorce15:42:56 03/16/2011
·"American Pie" actor enters treatment15:42:49 03/16/2011
·Warrant issued for "Kill Bill" star Michael Madsen10:57:08 03/15/2011
·Chinese movie "Buddha Mountain" premiers at 13th Deauville Asian Film Festival10:19:49 03/14/2011
·Jennifer Aniston promotes her fragrance16:06:38 03/11/2011
·Celebrities at 31st Genie Awards16:06:45 03/11/2011
·Julianne Moore to play Sarah Palin in "Game Change"10:27:42 03/10/2011
·Emma Watson leaves university to concentrate on "Harry Potter"11:52:15 03/09/2011
·Warner Bros. to test movie rental with Facebook11:51:52 03/09/2011
·Faye Wong stages concerts in Hong Kong13:07:21 03/08/2011
·Warner Bros. fires actor Charlie Sheen13:00:28 03/08/2011
·"Asia Girls Explosion" on show in Tokyo10:42:26 03/07/2011
·Manish Arora's collection at Paris Fashion Week17:36:16 03/04/2011
·Lady Gaga makes catwalk debut12:11:33 03/03/2011
·Miss Russia 2011 to be held on March 510:42:28 03/02/2011
·Oscar ratings down 12 percent10:10:43 03/01/2011

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