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·Hollywood star criticizes Trump for mocking reporter12:53:57 01/10/2017
·31st Int'l Ice Sculpture Competition ends in China's Harbin11:30:58 01/09/2017
·Chinese dance drama Confucius performed at Lincoln Center in NY12:08:58 01/06/2017
·Audiences applaud for artists' performance during circus show11:36:08 01/04/2017
·128th Rose Parade held on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California12:52:37 01/03/2017
·Ballet lovers perform dance on snowy ground in NE China17:25:58 12/30/2016
·Beauty of Xinjiang on canvas18:39:08 12/28/2016
·Exhibition held in Beijing to celebrate artist Han Meilin's 80th birthday11:43:06 12/22/2016
·3rd Chinese acrobatics art festival held in central China's Henan12:46:07 12/21/2016
·New "Star War" film rockets to No.1 at box office in North America12:27:32 12/19/2016
·Exhibition "The Light in Between" held in Taipei10:31:13 12/16/2016
·3rd Chinese acrobatics art festival kicks off11:29:12 12/15/2016
·Zhang Ziyi and Ge You reunite on Dec 16 in The Wasted Times15:39:36 12/14/2016
·Dancing show "Heaven, Earth, People" held in Rome17:10:29 12/12/2016
·"The Great Wall" to be shown on Dec. 1611:03:42 12/08/2016
·"Moana" seizes box office for second weekend in North America13:20:46 12/06/2016
·Show themed on "2016 China Day in Egypt" held in Egypt11:24:09 12/05/2016
·Steve Cropper performs during donation ceremony10:45:06 12/02/2016
·In pics: Last day of 13th Edition of Bridal Couture Week in Pakistani Lahore10:56:53 11/28/2016
·53rd Golden Horse Awards ceremony held in Taipei11:44:45 11/28/2016

·Traditional techniques of making Jialu oilpaper umbrellas in E China15:51:34 11/24/2016
·2017 Spring/Summer Collection fashion show held in Lithuania10:33:27 11/21/2016
·Budapest Fashion Week kicks off18:37:15 11/18/2016
·Film "Mr. Deng Goes to Washington" screens at UN headquarters in New York11:27:51 11/17/2016
·"Doctor Strange" wins box office for second weekend11:46:36 11/15/2016
·Marie Claire Fashion Days held in Budapest12:09:06 11/14/2016
·Russian dance ensemble bringing popular dance to China(1/6)10:42:27 11/11/2016
·Highlights of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Georgia11:47:05 11/07/2016
·"Dotor Strange" rules North American box office11:01:20 11/07/2016
·Personal Art Collection of David Bowie held in London11:20:16 11/04/2016
·DISCOP Johannesburg 2016 kicks off in S Africa10:58:22 11/03/2016
·Fashion Pakistan Week Winter Festive 2016 held in Karachi11:53:29 11/02/2016
·Highlights of Fashion Pakistan Week11:36:30 11/01/2016
·Miss Earth 2016 crowned in the Philippines10:41:27 10/31/2016
·Highlights of Jakarta Fashion Week 201710:32:58 10/28/2016
·Models present creations by designer Chu Yan during China Fashion Week11:13:23 10/27/2016
·China Fashion Week kicks off in Beijing11:15:55 10/26/2016
·Kimberly Chrisya's creations in Jakarta Fashion Week 201710:02:23 10/26/2016
·Models present creations during Sao Paulo Fashion Week11:55:19 10/25/2016
·Fashion show held during Nanjing Historical and Cultural Cities Expo18:01:19 10/24/2016

·Acrobats from China perform in 'Dream Journey' in US12:28:31 10/24/2016
·Highlights of Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 201710:57:38 10/21/2016
·Fashion Week Spring/Summer held in Tbilisi, Georgia12:03:14 10/20/2016
·Chinese pianist Lang Lang raises over 2 mln USD for music education11:46:07 10/19/2016
·Top 10 dramas from UK and US rated by Chinese viewers11:22:53 10/18/2016
·Highlights of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe10:32:34 10/17/2016
·Models present creations of designer Wu Haiyan at Fahai Temple11:05:45 10/14/2016
·Tan Dun Music Week held in Germany12:44:49 10/13/2016
·Tiny performers in 'Lady White Snake' adaptation steal audiences' hearts11:30:07 10/12/2016
·Fashion show "XG" summer collection held in E China11:38:10 10/10/2016
·DiCaprio opens Weibo account, fans respond withmemes11:48:48 10/09/2016
·Chinese actress Liu Tao releases fashion shots in Paris10:32:55 10/08/2016
·Last dress rehearsal of Cinderella by Joburg Ballet held in South Africa10:14:15 09/30/2016
·Highlights of Pakistan Fashion Design Council L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week11:02:21 09/29/2016
·Photo exhibition "Maritime Silk Road Pearl" held in Indonesia11:34:40 09/28/2016
·Miss Latovia wins global champion of 2016 Miss All Nations11:34:20 09/27/2016
·"I Am Not Madame Bovary" grabs top honors at San Sebastian Film Festival11:31:51 09/26/2016
·Anteprima fashion show held in Milan11:56:46 09/23/2016
·Highlights of Milan Fashion Week11:51:41 09/22/2016
·Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt after two-year marriage10:59:06 09/21/2016

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