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·'Kung Fu Panda 3' tops box office for second consecutive weekend01:05:35 02/09/2016
·Liu Yuxin releases fashion shots to express New Year wishes01:05:48 02/09/2016
·Yao Chen awarded 2016 Crystal Awards in Davos11:49:29 01/21/2016
·Singaporean singers loved by China18:56:00 11/06/2015
·"Go Away Mr. Tumor" continues to lead China's box office sales15:49:06 08/26/2015
·China's Fan is world's fourth-highest paid actress16:38:18 08/21/2015
·Online retailers major contributors to China's booming box office15:50:11 07/21/2015
·Li Xiaopeng, Olivia enjoy at Sea World in Shanghai16:13:24 07/01/2015
·Angelababy promotes her BF's new film18:14:02 04/14/2015
·Famous TV host suspended for 'improper remarks'18:15:47 04/09/2015
·Production of Johnny Depp's latest film shutdown16:34:09 03/31/2015
·Disney developing live-action 'Mulan'16:34:20 03/31/2015
·Zhang Xinyi graces VOGUE18:47:53 03/26/2015
·Disney's "Cinderella" tops North American box office with 70.1M debut12:16:43 03/16/2015
·'Star Trek' legend Leonard Nimoy dies at 8312:55:41 02/28/2015
·Jacky Cheung poses for Lunar New Year17:52:27 02/17/2015
·"Taken 3" debuts as No. 1 at North American box office17:39:33 01/12/2015
·Charming Ni Ni graces COSMO Bride17:45:40 09/16/2014
·Young netted in drug abuse blitz18:18:11 08/20/2014
·Actress Ma Sichun takes fashion photo shoots18:34:27 08/06/2014

·Miss World & Miss Universe Netherlands crowned17:39:45 12/10/2013
·"Thor" thunders to No. 1 at North American box office18:14:20 11/11/2013
·Charming Ni Ni graces COSMO Bride magazine15:10:36 10/20/2013
·"Insidious 2" rules North America box office with huge debut16:25:29 09/16/2013
·Happily ever after until the divorce16:12:47 09/16/2013
·Vin Diesel's "Riddick" claims top spot in North America box office15:43:34 09/09/2013
·U.S. actress Angelina Jolie, three others to receive honorary Oscars17:54:15 09/06/2013
·Justin Bieber performs during his Believe Tour11:12:46 06/26/2013
·"Monsters University" dominates North America box office with multiple records11:52:33 06/24/2013
·Russian film awarded top prize in Shanghai film festival11:52:37 06/24/2013
·"Sopranos" star, James Gandolfini, dies at 5116:18:57 06/20/2013
·"Iron Man 3" rakes in 400 mln U.S. dollars in North America16:16:30 06/20/2013
·Murdoch files for divorce from wife Wendi16:03:23 06/14/2013
·Psy's 'Gentleman' Passes 400 Million Mark on YouTube17:29:21 06/09/2013
·"Fast & Furious 6" tops Memorial Day weekend box office16:07:16 05/27/2013
·66th Cannes film festival closes, "La Vie d'Adele" wins Palme d'Or16:07:26 05/27/2013
·"The Great Gatsby" fails to outperform "Iron Man 3" in its North America debut15:46:45 05/13/2013
·'Iron Man 3' Sets New Record in China15:56:14 05/02/2013
·Bruce Willis Shows Power at Box Office11:52:26 02/18/2013
·"Argo" wins top honor at SAG Awards17:24:51 01/28/2013

·Plenty of confidence18:07:27 01/24/2013
·'The Grandmaster' Premieres in Beijing17:02:32 01/08/2013
·'Les Miserables' premieres in London12:04:30 12/06/2012
·Fan Bingbing Joins 'Iron Man 3'18:54:10 01/05/2013
·Bieber, Jepsen perform at CFL Grey Cup17:57:04 11/26/2012
·"Twilight" finale dominates Thanksgiving weekend for two-week reign17:24:27 11/26/2012
·46th Country Music Association Awards17:38:45 11/02/2012
·Eight years later, Guo and Fok will dive in the deep end10:39:34 11/07/2012
·Sun Li Graces Vogue18:19:11 08/27/2012
·Trailer Released for 'Lethal Hostage'10:53:24 08/17/2012
·Kwok, Lau Promote 'Cold War' in Beijing10:53:28 08/17/2012
·Kobe Bryant Joins Xu Qing at Charity Dinner10:53:32 08/17/2012
·Actress Fan Bingbing Admits She's in Love10:53:35 08/17/2012
·Official Denies New TV Series Restrictions10:53:39 08/17/2012
·Carrie Underwood performs on 'Today' show10:53:59 08/17/2012
·Carrie Underwood to go 'Unplugged'10:53:49 08/17/2012
·Taylor Swift expects record downloads10:53:54 08/17/2012
·Tribute to Whitney Houston unveiled10:53:44 08/17/2012
·German Pianist Performs on the Great Wall10:53:18 08/17/2012
·Cecilia Cheung in 'Dangerous Liaisons'15:56:20 08/07/2012

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