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Improving infrastructure  of Xinjiang
(tianshannet) Updated: 2006-November-22 16:29:17

Xinjiang is extensive. In recent years, the environment for investment has been significantly improved. The double tracks of the Lanzhou-Urumqi Railway are under operation and the key project of the Korle-Kashgar section of the South Xinjiang Railway is being speeded up;highway transportation is also undergoing historical changes with 99% of all towns and villages of the prefectures and counties have access to highways.With Urumqi as its center, and with the 7 national highway trunks as its scaffolding, it radiates to the east to connects with the provinces of Gansu and Qinghai,to the south with Tibet,to the west with all the Central Asian countries, and within Xinjiang there are 62 trunk roads that make up a public transportation network. The operation of the Turpan-Urumqi-Dahuangshan Super Highway and the Urumqi-Kuitun Expressway marks the great development age of Xinjiang highway construction.Xinjiang is the sole region (province) in China with the greatest number of and longest distances in air routes. The Urumqi Airport is one of China's six gateway airports serving as a passage to Western Asia and Europe.

Telecommunication network is also in the process of perfection .All the counties, cities, and prefectures have access to long-distance automatic network The Eurasian and North-South Xinjiang fiberoptic line is now under operation which means that in Xinjiang telecommunication is striding toward big-capacity, high-speed,digitization and intellectualization.

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