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Improving ecologicol environment of Xinjiang 
(tianshannet) Updated: 2006-November-22 17:00:02

Xinjiang has a typical continental climate with ittle precipiation vast areas of desert and small areas of oases, and a fragile ecological environment. Protection of the ecological environment is the main issue in the development of the economy and whether that development can be sustained.The trees and shrubbery of the plains and deserts are the green screens which protect the oases.

Xinjiang has used science and technology to engage in an in-depth development of the gobi desert, ringing grain, cotton, oil, meat, eggs,and milk from it,and remarkable results have been achieved. The desert is no longer the object of prevention and control, but rather a resource. There is great potential in developing the sand industry, for one thing. Coordinated efforts in opening up more space for man's survival and gradually improving the ecological environment and economic growth and environmental protection must be in step to achieve the desired results.

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