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XPCC initiates western region development project
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2008-May-5 18:57:01

It has been learned from an on-site meeting for the "Western Development Strategy,” held by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in Shihezi, that the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps formally launched the project to develop the western region.

Earlier this year, after the State Council held the meeting on the development of the western region, the party committees of the Corps immediately had Standing Committee members convene to study and implement the spirit of the meeting. In light of reality, and on the basis of serious investigation and research, the Corps clearly decided on four entry points for further breakthrough as the Corps’ initiative projects for comprehensive western regional development.

The four entry points are:

First, to implement a water-conservation project covering four million mu of farmland;

Second, to carry out border image projects, which can lay a solid foundation for western regional development, by improving the infrastructure and basic living conditions of the 58 farms near the border;

Third, to implement “white, green, and red” projects: “white” referring to establishing the base for exporting 400,000 tons of cotton, and upgrading the production technology of 300,000 spindles; “green” refers to establishing a green base to produce 500,000 tons of high-quality pears; “red” refers to the food industry project to produce 500,000 tons of tomato sauce;

And the last is to accelerate the urbanization of reclamation areas.

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