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Bayangol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2009-August-8 19:01:46

The prefecture is located in the southeast of Xinjiang and Korla city as the capital of the prefecture is 471 kilometers away based on highway mileage from Urumqi and 603.5 kilometers based on railway mileage. Under it administration are eight counties and one city, with a population of 1,037,900 (455,400 for ethnic minorities), of which rural population (excluding population in Xinjinag Construction and Production Corps) is 628,500. The prefecture has the tilled land of 139,500 hectares, sown grain area (including re-sown area) of 45,600 hectares and sown cash crops area of 93,900 hectares. It belongs to continental climate between mesothermal zone and warm temperate zone.In the territory of Bayangol Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, there are some rivers including the Tarim River, the Kaidou River, the Dinar River and the Miran River, with annual surface run-off of 106 hundred million cubic meters. The natural pastureland area is 11 million hectares in area. The wild animals number 261 in species, of which 11 are the first-class animals under the state protection, 12 are the second class and 4 are the fourth class. There are 477 kinds of herbs dominated by licorice and antlers. There are 29 kinds of ores, the bigger deposits of which are oil, natural gas, vermiculite, asbestos, manganese, dolomite, gypsum, clay, lime stone and jade. The main attractions are the Bosten Lake, the Bayanbulak Grassland, the Taklamakan Desert, The Altun Nature reserve, the Tiemen Gate, the Ancient City of Loulan, the Xikeqin Thousand Buddha Caves, The Remains of Miran, the Yellow Lamasery in Baluntai and the Manchu Princely Establishment.

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