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Kuqa County, Xinjiang to hold Tourism and Food Festival
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-February-3 15:09:36

May. 10, 2010 -- The 2010 International Tourism and Food (Animation) Festival, also known as The First Kuqa County Tourism and Food Festival, will be held in Kuqa County on May 13. At the appointed time, master chefs from five countries and regions as well as 18 provinces and cities of China will bring more than 300 specialties with good color, flavor and taste for residents and tourists.
According to the people's government of Kuqa County, the festival is sponsored by the Tourism Bureau of Xinjiang, the Bureau of Merchants Development of Xinjiang, the Xinjiang Department of Commerce and the people's government of Kuqa County and will take place in the Kucha Cultural Plaza of Kuqa County from May 13 to May 18.
There will be 120 exhibition booths, master chefs from five countries and regions, including Thailand, South Korea, Brazil, India and Taiwan as well as representatives from 18 provinces and cities of China, including the local Kuqa chefs. They will prepare more than 300 kinds of different specialties such as desserts and Islamic snacks.
Kuqa, the well-known town of songs and dances, the town of Mukams and the town of apricots, was called "Kucha" in ancient times. With the splendid Kucha culture, the strong feelings of minorities, the scenic beauty of nature and the unique tourist attractions, Kuqa has became the place where civilizations of the western region meet together.
Of the more than 100 cultural relics under protection within Kuqa County, five are under state-level cultural relic protection and 16 units are under regional-level cultural relic protection, which are the main distribution areas of ancient Kucha cultural relics in Xinjiang. Therefore, Kuqa enjoys a high reputation and influence in cultural studies and in the domestic and international tourism market.

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