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Ili, a Land of Beauty
(Tianshannet) Updated: 2010-June-18 12:07:11

You will never know how large China is until you visit Xinjiang, and you will never know how truly beautiful Xinjiang is until you visit Ili.

Ili features snow-capped peaks, lush pastures, charming highland lakes, and meandering streams. It is endowed with immense forests and abundant mineral resources, and its fruit has long been famous throughout Xinjiang.

Between July and August the area around the spectacular Kanas Lake is filled with locals who come for the Nadam Fair. They buy and sell handicrafts and take part in local festival activities including a rather bizarre sport known as Sheep Tussling.

Ili was the link between Asia and Europe on the Silk Road in ancient times. Once an important town on the north route of the ancient Silk Road, Ili has many historic sites with a rich collection of cultural relics. There are such tourist attractions as the Fruit Valley, Kanas Lake, and so on.

As Ili is a place where Chinese and Western cultures meet, the lifestyles of its peoples are varied and colorful.

Today, Ili is an important window on China's ambitious development project for the western regions.

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