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Beautiful Mountains and Rivers Created by Nature
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Attraction of Tianchi

Looking down from the sky, Tianchi (Heaven Lake) is a sacred lake lying on its back inside Tianshan's encircling, and is a shining pearl at the foot of icy mountains. It is a mountain ice-dammed lake of 4.9 square kilometers with a history of ten thousand years nurtured by tens of modern icebergs in Bogda Peak. Formed by pure ice water, Tianchi is crystal, jade-green and transparently clear.

Tianchi is honored as a wonderland on earth. Tianchi is so attractive that it not only owns a lot of mysterious legends, but it also has the unique geology and landform, amazing natural scenery, rare animals and plants, and rich and colorful humanistic sceneries which astonish numberless Chinese and foreign tourists.

Tianchi greater scenic area, from south to north, integrates natural sceneries of desert, Gobi, oasis, valleys, grasslands,forests and icebergs. In the southern mountain area, there are vast mountains continuously stretching far away, icy peaks as lofty as to the sky, seas of forest and grassland reach to the horizon, quiet green valleys echo with splashing of spring falls. In the central plain, there is vast land with a check board of cultivated fields, which is really northern garden field scenery. In the northern Gobi, there are many well-protected fossils of marine and continent animals and plants, just like a nature museum and a pre-historical grand garden of living beings in the sea of deserts.

As it is in the depth of Tianshan Mountain, Tianchi neither has a hot summer nor a cold winter. Thus, this mountain lake is featured with a climate of being warm in winter and cool in summer. From late October, Tianchi starts to freeze, and it unfreezes in early May next year. In the half-year-long winter season, the lake water of Tianchi silently sleeps beneath the thick ice.

According to some materials, Tianshan's Tianchi scenic area exists a whole set of stratum from the Third Tertiary to Paleozoic Carboniferous which exposes the significant geologic change and living beings evolution process since 500 million years from the present, where, "Star Tianchi Ankylosaurus", "Small Drake" and "Nine Dragon Wall" (dinosaur fossils) have been unearthed, with the news being on the front page among international academia and the fossils collected by China Museum of Nature in Beijing.

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